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HELP! 1st PC Build Issues


This is my first time building a PC and I’ve followed several tutorials. Everything seemed to go together fine. I turned on the power, the motherboard backlights came on… but nothing happened. Please help!


Gonna need a lot more info than that… List some of the parts you used for example.

Also, ensure you put the display input in the right place, if you have a GPU make sure its plugged into the GPU and not the motherboard.

Do your keyboard lights work? (caps lock, num lock)


Do your fans turn on?

It could be that something is shorted out. I bought an RX 580 recently and it was working fine for a couple hours and then POP, everything shut off. I thought the power went out at first, but my fan in my room was still running so that couldn’t be it.

After that, when I hit the power button my fans spun up for about half a second, then turned off, then nothing. I’d have to unplug the PSU and plug it back in to get any response after that. So I unplugged almost everything and started plugging things in one by one. It acted as expected until I hooked my 580 back up and then it freaked out again. So I took that out and put my GTX 970 back in and everything was fine.

I’m not saying it is your GPU for sure, but if everything is hooked up properly and you’re pressing the power buttons and not much is happening, something could be shorting out.