Hello from Antlion Audio (ModMic)

Hey Folks,

Just so you know, I’m Joe, the Director of Marketing at Antlion Audio - we make that ModMic thing people are always talking about (I hope they are, at least).

Simply put, I frequent these forums, especially the audio section. Sure I want to sell ModMics, but I will do my best to bring my knowledge about anything at all. I clearly disclaimer any audio post I make that I work with Antlion, so there’s no confusion about who I am and if there’s some kind of bias (there is!). Basically I wanted to re-say hello since we’re starting out fresh again. Stay awesome guys!

That said, if you ever have any problems or questions about the ModMic, you can certainly go to our support - or you can drop me a line here and go straight to the top. For the record, straight to the top doesn’t mean you’ll get a better answer… or a faster answer, but if you feel more comfortable talking to someone with a cool title like Director of Marketing I am here for you!

On cool news, the Crit.TV team will be coming out with us to do some volunteer work around the Portland community this weekend. I hope they’ll post pictures, but if not, I sure will! :smiley:



As promised, some pictures from our volunteer event with Crit.tv :smiley:

(Crit.tv team)
(Me! Throwing stuff!)

More info and pics on our post: http://www.modmic.com/blogs/news/freegeek-volunteer-day-results


Appreciate the photographs Joe :slight_smile: Fantastic to see you all giving-back to the general community via volunteering :slight_smile:

There appears to be no forum rules posted here as of now but you should be aware that advertising on the old forums wasn’t permitted.

The legality of this seems like it can be questionable unless it’s blatantly stated you’re an employee of Antlion’s.

Just thought you should be aware, don’t want you to get yourself into some shit, man :slight_smile:

Hey @Cat - Absolutely! I am trying my best to be transparent on who I am to avoid any potential conflict, and every post I make will be clearly marked where my affiliation lies. I rarely (if ever) on the old forum linked to our own product page. If that ends up violating the rules (new or old) I’ll comply fully with whatever changes need to be made.

I don’t think having a manufacturer on the forums is, by default, a bad thing. Certainly having them lurk under false names is though.

Anyway, I appreciate the concern and if I ever violate my own rules or the forum rules - and this goes to everyone - call me on it! :smiley:


So how did you get the snail on the headset? Concerned readers want to know.

Well @Dynamic_Gravity funny story but not in the way you’re expecting. My girlfriend (of over 5 years now) declared (note: not asked) that she was going to “rescue” the snails in the back yard and build them a terrarium out of a mildly large fish tank.

That was like a year ago. We now have a TON OF SNAILS… they live in a tank in the dining room. Because she controls their diet they’re relatively clean (no salmonella). We ran a contest a while back for best photo using the ModMic in an unexpected way and she took that picture as our example pic.

I snapped this pic just for you, straight from the dining room. In fact now that I am looking close at it, I got the reflection of the table and my Gators hat :smiley:.

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thats an awesome story.