Headphones sub £150

Hello everyone

Let me take you back to last Christmas. I received a pair of Superlux 668b headphones. Naturally these being my first pair of proper headphones I was a very happy young man. Now shock horror my beloved Superlux headphones have died! I thought about getting them repaired but realised I could get a better pair due to having some money saved up.

Here is a basic rundown of what I would like

  1. Low impedance as these will be used on a phone as well as at home
  2. Open or Semi-Open preferably *edit although I’m not completely against closed headphones

If this helps my main musical tastes revolve around metal and it’s many sub-genres

Any suggestions you guys, girls and sentient toaster ovens can provide will be greatly appreciated

If you can bump your price up a bit Audio-Technia ATH-M50x is recommended by everyone but they’re closed back. The ATH-AD700X are open back albeit a bit pricier.
Also around the price point of those two there’s Shure SRH840

thanks I’ll look into those.

Dunno if this works for international shipment, but I spotted this as a Cyber Monday deal: http://www.buydig.com/shop/product.aspx?sdtid=9397183&sku=BEYDT880PREMIUM32&omid=200


Generally I’d look around for some good cyber monday deals while you can. See if you can find some Sennheiser 558, 598 or Beredynamic 770/990.

OR actually I know that for today at least the Hifiman Edition S is down to 150 USD. Not sure if that has translated into GBP or not. I’d look into it, as I think they’re fantastic.

Those are the ones I’d begin looking into, though the AD700x is often recommended as well.

I’ve seen the Beyerdynamic custom one pros the detachable cable seems really good because headphone cables are my arch nemesis. What’s your opinion on them. I’ll take a look at the Sennheiser and Hifiman stuff you suggested.



Had a look at those Hifiman they’re £170 but they seem nearly everything I could ask headphones to be closed and open, detachable cable and foldable!

*the edit was on bad spelling…

Comfortable too Dave. At least in my opinion (and without having to change out the earpads)

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