HDD Drive Sectors .......... SRSLY?!?! RLY!?!?!

It’s 2018…
There are no flying cars!
NO time travel!
NO teleportation devices (unless you’re a subatomic particle)!

So I was looking for some new large capacity server HDDs on a random site that had the super-nifty customer service chat window on the bottom right. I found two drives with exactly the same listed specs, but one was $220 more than the other. I was suspiciously curious and decided to ask the nifty chat box…

“HGST Ultrastar He10 0F27473 HUH721010ALE604 ($319)
HGST Ultrastar He10 0F27473 HUH721010ALN604 ($549)
What is the difference between these two seemingly identical drives?” - Drunkenpanda

“Hi there. HUH721010ALN604 has a sector size of 4Kn (Advanced Format), and HUH721010ALE604 has a sector size of 512e. Also, HUH721010ALE604 is in stock and is on a big sale right now!” - Patrick the Support Agent

“So… why does the sector size matter to the tune of $220?” - Drunkenpanda

After I asked that, I did a little google and saw THIS HORRIFIC ARTICLE FROM SEAGATE…

"…In December of 2009, through a coordinated effort within IDEMA, Advanced Format was nominated and approved as the name for the standard of 4K-byte sectors. In addition, all hard drive manufacturers have committed to shipping new hard drive platforms for desktop and notebook products with the Advanced Format sector formatting beginning in January of 2011.
…As all hard drive manufacturers have agreed to transition to the Advanced Format sector design by January 2011, the industry must adapt to and embrace this change to minimize potential negative side effects. However, the migration to 4K-sized sectors will most definitely provide quicker paths to higher areal densities and hard drive capacities as well as more robust error correction." - Seagate (didn’t see a date on the article, I can only assume it’s from ~December 2009)

SO… APPARENTLY… because people are assholes and can’t get with the times… we’re still producing 512e drives 7 years after they were meant to be phased out. As my bewilderment hit its peak, dripping with fury over my own species’ incompetence… the customer service guy chimed back in…

“It doesn’t, especially for home use” - Patrick the Support Agent

“Sir, I just read an article from Seagate stating we were supposed to phase out 512e drives 7 years ago. Why are you still selling them?” - Drunkenpanda

“Well, they still make them to this day, so… I think we have a coupon code for them actually” - Patrick the Support Agent

“HOW DARE YOU try to besmirch my modern server with your ancient outdated technology… RLY? a coupon code, sir! Have you NO shame? How much is the coupon code for?” - Drunkenpanda

“I apologize / yes I do / it’s for 20% off” - Patrick the Support Agent

“I’ll take 4 of them please” - Drunkenpanda

… I’m not proud of myself
… but I got em on the cheap yo

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HGST Ultrastar He8 HUH728080ALE604
Same numbering spec, but this one has a spec sticker due to refurb

… clearly has the Advanced Format logo on it…

I’m now just confused

Wait… hold up for one moment… you trying to tell me that the little help chat box was actually helpful???

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