Hdd and ssd help

I am building my 1st PC right now all I can afford my HDD later on I want to buy a SSD.Right now my OS is (Windows) I will be putting it on my HDD and later i to ssd plz help.

I’m in the same boat, but my plan is to do a fresh install of the OS on the SSD once I get it:

1- Backup HDD to external storage.
2- Do a fresh install of the OS on the SSD
3- Reformat the HDD (not the external backup one, of course)
4- Transfer the main data from the external backup to the HDD.
5- Keep the backup safe in case something goes wrong.

If you don’t want to do a fresh install, there are other, simpler methods:

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just as @GabD says. best thing to do is a fresh install. less junk and cleaner image. thats what i do. little more hassle setting it up but once completed…it will make you smile. I have a 250Gb SSD and it is the best purchase i have made. going for a 1TB later. to save applciations/files too and keep the OS on the SSD.

thank you all.