Hardware Upgrade for BF1

A couple years ago you guys directed me on a PC build and my only requirement was to play World of Tanks on low settings without issue.
(Ever since I was forsaken by Battlefield 1943 I didn’t expect them to give a frack about military history games for PC anymore)

Anyways, it’s been working great.
Windows 10
AMD FX-4100
8gb DDR3 1600 RipJaws
Radeon HD 7700

But after playing through the BF1 campaign with some screen tear and shuttering, I got to online multiplayer and after 10 min it just straight freezes the whole system requiring restart. Then I checked the min specs and I am well below them. But forum searches show many people within spec still having the same issues.

So my question is what should I upgrade to be able to play BF1 on low settings? Would that GTX 1050 card you did a review on be enough to carry me through? Or should I wait for updates from EA since others are having the same problems?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Personally, I’d upgrade the GPU first for sure. The GTX 1050 should be able to hold you over - but if I were you, I’d go with the Ti version for the extra memory.

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I second Hutch’s response. You should probably upgrade the graphics card, and I would get the Ti if you have the money and it’s compatible with your current setup.

Thanks, I’ll try to order the Ti tomorrow. Do you recommend any brands over the other? Or to avoid?

I’ve personally tested the EVGA Nvidia 1050Ti SC. It will definitely upgrade your BF1 experience. For future reference though I’d start investing in a new Mobo/CPU after you get a new graphics card. What you have is fine for now but it’s quickly going to get overrun by newer games.

Obviously you need a Titan. There’s no question…


If you’re purchasing a new card, I’d recommend a gtx 1060 or rx 480 as a minimum for fun BF1 gaming at 1080p. You really need a solid 60+ framerate to have a great experience with the game.

BF1 needs another optimization patch or two, much like with BF4 launch. There are currently lots of performance and rendering issues, especially on sli / crossfire setups.


That 1060 seems to be priced about the same as some of the 1050Ti’s. The appeal for the 1050 was the low power draw. I have a 500W power supply, will I be able to sustain the GTX1060 or RX480?

I’d like to stay in the $150 range until I decide to upgrade the other components…

I believe most of the 1060s are around the 400w range, some with a high clock might be 450w, so you’ll be fine if you go for the 1060 over the 1050Ti. If you can afford it I would recommend the 1060 over the 1050Ti, especially a 6GB 1060 as that is bound to last you for quite a while, where you might find yourself upgrading from the 1050 rather quickly.

You’d be fine with 8GB or ram, I’ve seen it only use 5 GB during use.

As far as GPU’s go, I have a 390 and max out the game on ultra with 60+ FPS, on 1080p resolution.

That being said, the game itself is pretty frugal with VRAM usage, but this can be turned off to take full advantage of what ever you have available. I have seen the game consume ~4GB of VRAM in this way.

So what ever you get make sure its at least has 4GB of VRAM minimum.

And meh, I’m on Windows 7 pro. Fuck 10. My gaming experience is just fine.

I’m going to intervene for a second fam.

Last year I had an AMD FX6300, paired with 8gb ddr3 and an AMD 7790 1GB.

Now I have an i7 6700, 16gb ddr4, and an AMD R7 370 2GB, I play BF1 super smoothly and spent about $200. I actually found a the 370 for $100 at best buy last year.

How? You may ask… Here’s how.

There’s tons of resellers on eBay that specify mainly on shipping older components overseas where they’re unavailable. They have tried and trued profitable methods. They obtain these parts by any means. Meaaaaning, price your shit $10 cheaper than them w/free shipping and it’s sold in 3 days tops. But SHIP CAREFULLY!! Don’t cut corners on shipping unless you wanna buy it back from the buyer broken.

Now you may be asking, where am I getting this cash from, and how do I get this shit for this price.

If you already have cash, buy something like this. Here’s 2 options depending on budget, as far as computing power big upgrades.

Here’s a good higher end offer available now; Dell XPS 8700
On this spectrum of things, I suggest an XPS. These have increased in used price recently sadly because people are buying the absolute fuck out of them. I snagged two for $550 each with the 6700 last year.

On the lower end of things, you have the legendary optiplex .
Equipped with an i5 3470, it’ll be a damn good upgrade. You can also purchase one purely with money you raked in from selling or parting out your current PC.
These love 1050ti’s.

You’re at a point where you may as well restart from scratch. I did this, probably will repeat in a couple years. You can break even while upgrading…

There’s many options to pick from. You can find ones with i5 3470s, i5 4460s, i7 3770s, i7 4970s, and i7 6700 at any price bracket really depending on your needs. Games like GTA5 and other big world games really take advantage of the faster cpus.

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