Happy holidays, ya filthy animals (Crit Update)

2016 has been a hell of a year, and everything has basically made me want to punch babies at some point (DON’T YOU TAKE CARRIE FISHER FROM ME 2016, YOUSONOFABITCH) – but there have been many new doors that have opened for us all and I’m excited to see what is ahead.

Reflecting back, as far as Crit and Tek go - I think we could all agree that some things could have gone differently. But you know what, these experiences that we go through in life are great for the things they teach us. These experiences are invaluable-- they can make us better people and a better company.

Next year is going to be interesting. Crit will slowly change - the content, the audience, everything around it. Here’s what has been on my mind and kind of wanted to talk to you guys about:

  • Crit now has proper payroll services in the works, and we’ve worked with someone local and great for Quickbooks (she actually used to do tech support for Intuit/Quickbooks, now is a certified CPA and Quickbooks is her specialty! And importantly, she is quite affordable).

  • We need to get Patreon sorted out. It has been admittedly thinned out as we focus on a lot of other things that need to get sorted out, but we want to give back to those that want to support us. I’ve heard a couple of times people wanting a $10 level - so if you have any unique ideas that we can offer in return, that’d be greatly appreciated.

  • Our stolen equipment has been found and witnesses have come forward. Legal action is being taken. More details soon™.

  • We’ve heard some of you - the logo can and probably will change. We may just go to referring to ourselves as “Crit” as well.

  • Content. If you haven’t seen my shitpost on YouTube and it’s impossible algorithm - basically we’ve been taking a hard look at the content we produce, how we produce it, and more. We’ve been talking as a team and we may take a week off from our grind to sit down and really talk about the new content we’re going to produce. Each of us have our own interests, and some of which hasn’t been put on YouTube yet - or atleast delivered well. As we’ve mentioned before, it probably won’t be nearly as much hardware focused. We of course value your feedback, so we want to hear any ideas that you guys might have for what we could produce.

  • Expect some live streams. Expect some written content on the site from the team.

As always, thank you for your continued support. It means a lot to the team and myself.



Looking forward to the future, hopefully when this is all over we can look back and laugh. Merry Christmas!

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My ideas:

  • Crit acts as our main channel (I really like the 4 letter domain)
  • We start branding tech content as Tek Syndicate, like we did with the overclocking video
  • Gaming (tabletop and PC) will be labled Crit… or maybe beer games beer
  • The game development will be under Midnight Dojo

All this will go on the Crit channel.

With the change in YouTube’s algorithm we have to sit back and think about what we want to do. I really want to make the Zweihänder game. So, we may just start doing cool shit and documenting it. The focus will be more on the projects and they should be able to live outside of YouTube.

Things are crazy, so it is time to try things.


I usually hate writing stuff like this:

But before the split of Tek into L1 and Crit I actually didn’t even get close to you guys, I didn’t bother going on the forums or the chats (if they even existed before)

But now, after that, I feel closer to CritTV than ever before, I mean, I talked with Logan and you Hutch quite a lot actually. As well as with Justin. That alone is in my opinion something awesome. Gives you the possibility to find out a little more about the people behind Crit-TV… makes it more like a big tech-family. Not to mention besides talking with you guys, due to the Discord people also talk with eachother way more than I felt like we did before.

So theres that.


I like all content going on the channel now. That would technically give us more content to work with the new algorithm. Idk about using Tek Syndicate anymore though.

General idea is good idea to have brands under the same channel to differentiate. Those brands are differentiated in thumbnails and titles so people can easily see what the content purtains too.

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All of this is good!

Logo recommendation is putting the letters Crit in the parts of the die that we use in the favicon.

Since the day I was brought on, I’ve always tried to make it clear that it was important to me to effectively communicate with everyone, be as honest and as transparent as possible. In the process, we wanted to become part of our community, not just provide housing for it. Glad we’ve been getting to know you and others, @DeadSix :slight_smile:

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You guys are a great community! You’ve been fantastically supportive in the face of a lot of salty folks. That means a lot.

Personally for me, it was really great to hear all the positivity from you guys when I started with this company in the midst of well… a localized shit storm. You guys are what make this the coolest job ever!

As for future content, we’re really excited! We’re really going to focus on the things that we’re passionate about, which should yield more quality content (when you like what you’re doing, it shows). And remember: we’re a community. Sure, we’re the guys making the videos, but your guys’ input is invaluable. You folks have some great ideas so keep em coming! (Yes, Tinfoil Tuesday will be a thing)

And as for 2016… I vote that we all pretend it never happened besides Rogue One. :grinning:

I am one with the Doug, the Doug is with me!



I think it helps to have a variety of content, but still retaining a central core in hardware advancements. Content variety helps to attract a new viewing-audience, too.

I’m enjoying this website, and the new concepts that are emerging from it.

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:smiley: (Except Pistol never really talks, unfortunately, probably constantly busy)

Sounds like a great set of plans and I have the same feeling Deadsix has. It’s a real community now with cohesive spirit, and that’s actually quite wonderful. Because I haven’t been able to find that anywhere else. Keep up the good work and make Doug proud!

A crit was rolled, see!
Doug has blessed the team with vim!
Roll crit! Be awesome!


Talos be praised. Motherboard/GPU/whatever reviews are a dime a dozen. But few hardware channels even hint at the cool stuff that their review samples could be used for.

I mean, 80% of the content (by my gross unscientific estimate) in a hardware review video is usually information that could be found on the manufacturer’s website anyway. The other 20% is what people are susceptible to find innovative.

Commentary/editorial stuff like The Tek/Crit Show makes for more interesting content than watching someone basically read a product’s spec sheet out loud for 15 minutes.

Anything other than hardware reviews is pretty much open though, like that one turn-an-old-PC-into-a-router video. Or the turn-a-PC-into-a-superior-Wii. It’s hardware-related, but original. And kill-your-console could be a monthly text post (with one video version each year, if applicable).

I personally really liked the convert-an-apple-user concept. This goes a long way towards convincing other people compared to what most tech channels do, which usually amounts to just stating a list of reasons why the new macbook pro isn’t really “pro” or whatever. When apparently, industry professionals don’t buy macbooks as workstations. It’s the casual/hobbyist users of the consumer market that need convincing.

Yeah, “.TV” refers to an obsolete tool from a less civilized age. It only sounds cool if you say it out loud with an ironic-infomercial voice.

A graphical representation of a nat20 dice roll would probably put an end to the seemingly-endless “what does the new name mean?” problem.

You guys are already making music and a video game anyway. It would evidently make some interesting videos and/or text posts along the way.

Part of what makes this community stand out among the tech crowd is the focus on different outputs for creativity than just the pimp-my-computer stuff.


Nice. I always felt the .TV was a bit odd. I’d love to see more hardware reviews/comparisons in the future too. Keep up to good work guys.

Yeah, I wasn’t the Wendell “type”…More the Logan type. If I want incredibly obscure tech news, I go elsewhere (just kidding - I don’t want that…It’s one of the reaons I didn’t watch The Tek so much). What I DO want on Crit? More of the Mayflower Audio guy! That guy knows his shit. I’m indebted to him and Logan for turning me into a headphone audiophile. But I’ll admit I wrecked my first pair of HD668’s modding them. They make those INCREDIBLY hard to open up to mod. How about reviewing the new cheap (well, cheaper than most of their phones) Audeze’s? And doing a special on 2 to 500 dollar open headphones, ranking their soundstages for gaming? I’m looking for some.
I’m looking for the new year of CRIT finding its voice, adding content, and forums. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with content!
One of my favorite Tek moments? Logan sneering when some guy tried to convince him HyperX Clouds had great audio. I was rolling! #elitistaudiophilesRULE

I’m with you on this as well. I would visit the TS forums and post from time to time, but it always felt like I was almost ‘late to the party.’ I never had any bad experiences with anyone on the forums previously, but I just never really ‘clicked’ with the community before. I honestly had no idea about the split and the drama surrounding it, aside from the passing mentions in videos; probably because I didn’t frequent the forums as much as I do now. But I really dig the community that has stuck around here. And that’s nothing against Wendell and the crew at L1, I still watch and enjoy their content, I just don’t interact, or connect with, the community there like I do here. What I always enjoyed about the old, and new, Tek Syndicate/CritTV/L1 is the farily cynical view of technology and the impact it has on our lives. A lot of other tech channels/forums seem to be more about ‘the best of the best’ hardware (which again, isn’t a bad thing). Yall seem to have found a group of people who aren’t just interested in the latest and greatest hardware, performance numbers and fact sheets; it’s more about the people who use it, how they use it and why. I look forward to the new content that will be coming; blessings be to Doug, but get him a new home already dammit.


Well, I do not give a single shit about people talking crap about watching either of those, L1, Linus, Crit and so on. I watch them all and enjoy them all for individual reasons. After all we’re all a tech family.
And don’t get me wrong, I do not talk about people simply disliking one of those youtube-channels, I mean those hating on you for watching them or even mentioning them and I hope this will never be a problem here, which I totally not feel as of now, considering Logan even turned the old teksyndicate site into a mix of all the youtubers.


Purely for soundstage: Philips Fidelio X2
Absolute steal of a price: Philips SHP9500
Musical wonders: Sennheiser HD650 (aka Massdrop x Sennheiser HD6xx)
More detailed than Charles Dickens: AKG K712 Pro
Honorable mention: Beyerdynamic DT880

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I’m gonna try those Philips SHP’s…I’ve heard about how great the Fidelio X2’s are, but I only use headphones for gaming in a handful of games, so not enought to justify 170 bucks. The cheaper Philips ARE a steal if they’ll beat my HD668B’s sonically for what I use them for. I’ll try them. Thanks! I would still love some Audeze’s for music. I tried some of the thousand buck ones and my jaw dropped. I’ve never heard anything so clear in my life. They were as pure as bells.

Z Reviews did a review where he pretty much salivated over the SHP9500s. Judging by the reviews and the cost I would say they are astounding headphones, especially when they come in well under $100. They’re also nice because they have a detachable cable, so changing it out to something nicer or strapping on a VMODA BoomPro is quick and easy.

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