Halo Anyone?


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If only it was the campaign and not just the multiplayer.

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Also hit F11 when looking for servers.

downloading… never really played Halo.

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Can I 1. Adjust the FOV? 2. Not limit the FPS?

Cause the Halo currently on the windows store is kinda garbage atm and JUST added a server browser lol

yes you can adjust the field of view, not sure about FPS

lots of fun, kinda chaotic.

Mother of god… I have no idea what I’m doing in this game. lol. Also, the game stutters like mad on my GTX 1080… It plays the same at 4k as it does at 1080p. I’ll look into it if I keep playing.

The game is updated via a community - doesn’t surprise me that it isn’t very well optimized. Going to try on my 1070.

Is this that Russian mp only version of halo that came out?

Which GTX 1080 are you using? I am running an Asus gtx 1080 turbo and I haven’t had an issue with stuttering… The gameplay is what I would expect from Halo. I do appreciate the mouse and keyboard support, however the game doesn’t feel as responsive as other fps titles. It doesn’t feel quite as awful as when the new Unreal Tournament came out (which has gotten much better), but it could definitely use some twitchier adjustments.

Yes, it is. It has received an American treatment. None of the text is in Russian anymore. It feels good to relive some of the nostalgia of classic halo 3 maps! I just wish the Halo 5: Guardians forge app had online matchmaking… sadly no such luck. You have to get friends together to play on maps yourself.

So I tried a little last night, playing some CTF - definitely not noticeable difference in performance. It’s weird because when you change the resolution, I don’t think it actually changes the resolution… lol It just plays whatever your native res is at, and when you lower it, it just makes it look like ass. It’s like super sampling a lower resolution to your native res.

Currently downloading this. Does it have custom matches through LAN? Doing a LAN party new years eve and thought this could be good.

Also how do you install it? i unziped it to my hdd but I cant find an installer or a launcher.

NVM. Got it working and it has LAN! Fuck im excited for this LAN party now! WHOOOOOO!!!

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For some reason I cannot set it to 1080p. Is there a fix? I’m running a GTX 1070.

I had no issue. Set it to 3440x1440 even. I think it set that is the start menu thing outside the game. Can’t remember thoigh

Guys if you are having probelms, please go to their sub reddit for help. Thanks.