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Guys I am looking at this 4K tv that I can get on the cheap that seems to rate well but looking for your opinions



$799.99 plus tax


I will be paying no interest and I think that is for 2 and 1/2 years but I may get the tv on an older promo that is a bit better. Also since I purchased other items recently from them they will just tie it to my other purchases and so no $140 whatever fee again.

I think with the response rate it has for 4K gaming …

4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 Show Help : 32.4 ms
4k @ 60Hz + HDR Show Help : 32.4 ms
4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 + HDR Show Help : 32.4 ms

Also 10 bit color …

They gave it a 9 for Gradient rating but for Color Gamut it only got a 6.8 rating but facts are I am buying this for 4K gaming with the Xbox One S right now and hell maybe some 4K pc gaming in the future.

I think at this price it is a great buy. What do you think?


Do it.


I’ve been out of touch for a while as far as TVs go… I think if youre buying it for gaming though, the response time can mean a lot. I’d shop around a little, if you could.

For instance, supposedly the Samsung UN48JU6700 has a 27ms response time. Right now its $1200 but its been as low as $699 in the past. You can shop around and keep an eye out for other deals - I think you could save a hundred or two and get something just as good, if not better. Cyber Monday is coming up.

Otherwise, the Sony looks solid. HDR is nice, plus 10 bit color… Mmm…


Well guys I guess this is on back order but I get it at the Black Friday price when they get it in. If I find a better price I can price match. As for getting another tv hell I was ready to buy the OLED tv they had on sale for $2300 but didn’t like the amount the upfront payment was going to be despite the fact they were giving me a discount on that. I forget the model of the tv but man was it sweet. In regards to tvs that are more affordable or at a similar price I will keep looking for sure. As for options elsewhere they are limited to me. I really only have Tepperman’s as the best option right now and maybe will have The Brick as an option if they don’t end up letting me use the $430 in credit I had on file towards something other than a tv. Right now it looks like tv only … : S … and in that situation it is a bad thing. Anyway …

Oh and @hutchison15 you did see I was in Canada right? There was a tv that I was interested in that was only $499.99 but the response rate wasn’t even close to what the Sony had and so I decided to not consider it. As for the chance of me finding something as good as the Sony for $499.99 or $599.99 or so the chances are slim to none but hey I hope it happens.


Update: I got the tv at Tepperman’s for $799.99 and it is just waiting to be opened and used. I am not sure that I have the right stand for it though. I was thinking of using my computer desk in my room that holds a 40" tv but this is a 49’ tv and just not sure if it will be too wide for it. Anyway glad to get the tv I wanted at the price and terms I wanted.