GTX 1080 ti

What do people think about the price tag attached with the 1080 ti? I think $700 is a decent price for such a powerful GPU. What do you think about it?

Pretty good for the amount of performance you get with the card, and if Nvidia is to be believed, 35% faster than the 1080 is pretty cool. But then again, they have to stay competitive, and it’s wise for Nvidia to announce this just before Vega comes out, considering there’s lots of impulse buyers out there, they would want to get their hands all over this card. But it’s better to wait for Vega though before we jump into conclusions.

I think it was a very wise move from Nvidia as well. I think that this will take some momentum away from Vega. I think the impulse buyers will latch onto this card. I am half tempted to sell my GTX 1080 and upgrade to this card. Nvidia will attempt to do anything to keep their market shares on the incline. I am happy that AMD is forcing Nvidia’s hand on the competition side.

Looking at the GTX 1080, 1080 ti, and titan x:
The 1080 TI has a higher core count, to the 1080 and titan x.

The 1080 TI has comparably similar clock speeds to the 1080 and faster than the titan x.

The 1080 TI has similar features to the 1080, but also has Ansel for any crazy photography people in games.

All in all, I think it has some great stats and features to show for the price, but it really all depends on what the user needs.

700$ for you 1500$ for me. FRICK

Are these Australian dollars…?

What really interests me is the 11gbps memory. I think that even 1gbps bump from the Titan XP might make a decent difference.

Canada. Pretty much every country in the world other then USA gets absolutely raped when it comes to PC parts.


That is rather unfortunate. I guess I should count my blessings…

This card amazed me more than 1080 did. I would’ve expected such a card to be at least $800+ on launch, this is like my birthday, extremely tempted to hand a giant wad of cash to the Nvidia overlords once the non-reference ones appear.

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Indeed. But again, these people pay for healthcare so it’s a lose lose situation.


True that.

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I think I might try to get $350 for my 1080 and pick one of these up. Nvidia seems to be very good at taking my money.

This is why I waited a few months and skipped the 1080

holy shit, I’d wish for a 350$ second hand 1080.

You can easily get more than that don’t screw yourself.

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I decided to try SLI for the first time and get a second GTX 1080. I picked it up for $325.

Good results?

Fantastic results. I can finally run Skyrim with an enb and about 150 mods with Verdant grass plugin at 4k and in that 60 fps region. Crysis 3 on ultra settings in 4k runs at a buttery smooth 60 fps.

So to answer that question pretty fast!