Graphics card help - upgrading

I currently have a gtx 780 which is fine i guess. I am looking at getting a gtx 1060 because they fit in between a gtx 970 and a 980? With only spending $80 USD to get a gtx 1060 ( from selling my 780 ) is it worth it? is the bump worth the $80 for a new gpu? i would love a new upgrade as i have a 144hz monitor and for example in bf1 i struggle to get to 80 fps.

any recomendations would be appreciated

I think it would be worthwhile for 80 dollars. From my understanding the 780 is a good bit neglected by NVidia these days. Like it is more of 280x 380x competitor than a good gtx 1060 or rx480 competitor now.

if you only have to pay 80 $ after selling the 780 then i would go for it…

Totally go for it man. I think it would be a great upgrade and the extra vram will be good too

Probably more of a sidegrade, I think you need 1070 for newer games.

i’m not really a fan of anything below the 1070 tbh, i think the “value” just isn’t there for me.

What will you be getting for your 780? Is the $80 in addition to what you sell your 780 for?

I can sell it for atleast $150 USD

That is pretty much the average on ebay. So a $230 dollar budget? I would get a RX 480.

but the 1060 out performs the RX 480 in like 90 % of games

and in my country the RX 480 costs the same as a 1060

That’s what I sold my 780 for.

But you cannot SLI the 1060. You can crossfire the rx 480.

But at this price point lol Might as well get an 1070…

The rx 480 has some scaling issues in crossfire. Perhaps a driver update will iron those out.

sold your 780 for a 1060 or a 480?

but if i get a 1070 thats $300 more. its not worth it as i dont need to spend that much money. the 1070 wont make a game changing difference for me anyway. Spending the $80 to get a brandnew gpu thats got the latest hardware and new features is cheap asf for only $80

I feel ya. I just think the 1060’s inability to SLI is a major stumbling block. I have a Gigabyte GTX 960 here in my computer and it can SLI. I mean all x60 cards have been able to SLI…the 460, the 560 and so on. Why did nvidia hamper it so by not making it SLI capable?

Sucks. I am at my limit for posting replies today.

Perhaps you could find a used 980ti? Alot of people are quick to sell them cheap so they can buy a 1080.

Those are going anywhere from 350.00-550.00 on ebay.

but i dont really want to spend much amount. $80 is enough and ill be getting a new card then

but where i live shipping is always $60-100