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Graphic Art Logo


Hey guys I need a logo for a website about surplus equipment or scrap metal. It could either be a mining theme or whatever. My graphic art skills are not good, only programming. I was wondering if anybody would want to make something for me. In return all I can offer is I can give you credit as having part of the development in the website for your resume.


What are some ideas you want in the logo?


I just needs to be themed around surplus or like mining or something. It would be hard for me to tell before I see it. I am leaving it pretty open to whatever somebody could make.


Could I see the website and possibly their summary? A few photos for context on what you might want?


its not running yet but maby something like this but with some surplus electronics or something thrown in or a desktop computer next to a pickax.

When the site is running it will share locations that might look like this and rate them.


Hmm I might give it a try but no promises!