GoPro Hero6 Release (I'm Not Sold On The Hype)

Well the GoPro Hero6 has been released with all the associated fanfare, with GoPro’s marketing people (via the release-video) enthusiastically making an appeal to the masses if you you purchase the Hero6 you too will become a life participant.

GoPro’s editing people certainly achieve far better results than the average punter, and that shows in the recent marketing-video

Quite a few reviewers are not impressed with GoPro’s latest incarnation with the Hero6 (especially inbuilt colour-grading) compared to Sony’s FDR-3000v action-camera.

For my money, the Sony FDR-3000v looks the part, and the better option (for my needs anyway)

Dave Stanton in the video below looks to be utilising the Sony FDR-3000v in his woodworking videos (head-mount), and the results speak fro themselves.

at 1’:48" into the video the head-mounted Sony FDR is being utilised

I’ll need to replace my long-suffering Hero4 soon as it has been enduring welding sparks during close-up filming, and heat from the ‘gas axe’ (oxy), with the Hero6 being more expensive in Australia ($750 approx), I will be looking more favourably towards the Sony product.