Google Controlled Cities: You Will Be Assimilated | The Crit Show 0023

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Anti-net neutrality spammers are flooding FCC's pages with fake comments | ZDNet
Snapchat is losing twice as much money as it did last year - The Verge
Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs Eyes Toronto for Its Digital City - Bloomberg
Tristan Harris, Former Google Employee, on How Your Phone Is Designed to Control Your Life - The Atlantic - The Atlantic
The Secret World To Relaunch As Free-To-Play Game On Steam - techhgeeks
American Gamers: 47% Prefer Consoles, 27% Prefer PC | KeenGamer
Illinois College to offer scholarships to play video games |
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At least Google has fiber, unlike the Time Warner/Spectrum/Charter/Whateverthey’recalledthisweek crap I’m currently stuck with.

Rip Pistol

ESDF all the way. Many of my fellow PC gamers that I play with get sore/cramped hands using WASD because of the Control, Alt, and shift keys being used allot. They end up not using the functions assigned to the keys taking away from their gameplay. Also most keyboards have the bumps on the F and J keys so you can tell that you are fingering the keyboard for touch tiyping correct and when using ESDF (I jokingly call it hte Electronic Self Defence Force like the Japanese SDF).

Not just that but for many people Using ESDF the Shift key and Tab are actually easier than when they are using WASD.

The bad part is when you have to switch back and forth between WASD and ESDF as you play different games. To me at least it is twice the issue as just changing games and having crossover bleed of beybindings between games. The motion to press numbers is different, where you automatically put your fingers after lifting your hand off the keyboard.

The other issue I come up with is lazy interface controllers that don’t let you, or worse let you remap certain keys but they don’t work right while other remapped keys work fine.

Net neutrality … I am tired of hearing about it but understand why it is being talked about and I hope the organized groups, politicians and people that actually write or call their politicians to complain about this will win the battle and I will not have to hear about this anymore.

Snapchat … I could care less as I am anti-commerce. If they lose money and go under so be it. Die commerce die.

In regards to this digital city I hope this never comes to Toronto or anywhere for that matter. Less technology in the world the better.

Who knew that smart phones were bad for people in many ways … LOL!

The Secret World … I was intrigued about this when I heard it was launching a long time ago as I wanted to play an mmorpg that was different than WOW and the like but early reviews of it didn’t look good so I said no. Now with it being free to play possibly I still don’t think I will look as I have Destiny and Defiance that I play that are different than the usual and when I need something WOW-like I reach for ESO now. I have no room for another mmorpg to play even if it is free.

47% prefer consoles … I am not surprised by this as in America and other countries you do not see PC gaming commercials whatsoever promoting just how much better PC gaming is. At least I never see it. Also the facts are with the average gamer being older now they’d rather sit on their couch than be at a PC in my opinion. I do know you can pc game from your couch but with how consoles present things to you it is much easier than dealing with a pc for couch gaming.

Illinois College to offer scholarships to play video games …

Eh if the U.S. refuses to go to free tuition for various aspects of schooling at least there is one new way to get money for schooling.