Goodbye, Portland Office | Adventures in Moving

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Yep! Tek Syndicate is moving again, but don’t worry, it wont take as long as last time. This video is a farewell to our current office along with some shenanigans.


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Considering moving in the past didn’t help in Logan’s favor I’m a bit skeptical of this move. I wish everyone well on this journey though…


Video actually ended up being informative. A very rare game you have there eh? Also I like the idea of reviewing board games that are related to video games. Definitely a good idea. Although Monopoly … **** all those different versions of it coming out. It is totally annoying and I think from what I could tell in the video you were just kidding about doing that. I hope you were. Now what about Doug? Is he going to the new office? I hope so. That comedy bit is really cool. Best of luck on finishing that video game you are trying to get done and as for making a board game for it wouldn’t a simple card game be better? Just saying because cards games seem so popular these days.

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Looking forward to viewing your new office premises :slight_smile:

You guys can be as cynical as you want. I understand. We will listen to ideas and are going to outline some more tek style videos soon.

The new office has already been signed on, first/security paid, etc. It’s around $1000 cheaper and about the same size. It’s much cooler, brick walls, great building, nice space (more my style). It’s also only an office move, not a city/house move. I’m much happier…

Also, these moves may not seem like the best things ever, but I am 100x happier finally in Portland and I don’t intend to move. I do miss VT a little, but the talent pool is larger here… and there is more to do. I don’t miss KY much. Some don’t care where they live, but I really enjoy random bar nights, roaming around cool streets, meeting locals, etc. It’s a quality of life thing. So, despite whatever anyone says online, I’m happier and my stress is lower than before.

The new place will also be nice for game dev stuff and the other projects. YT is only one part of this all.

Lastly, the Tek Syndicate website should be back up and running soon.


That’s fine, I don’t care what you wish to do, it’s your decision and I’m still going to support it. (which is the reason I’m here of course) money support from the community being irrelevant… but I’m only skeptical of the move simply because content slowed down extra hard. to be fair you guys are fairly small again (at least on the forum and on the patreon) I personally just feel this may be a bad idea.

Though I will say this, I’m cofident if you bring back the Tek things will slowly pick up again. a lot of us love it and we kinda miss it. with the exception of the Tin-foil stuff getting out of hand.

thats the best part


I do kinda like this forum better, because you can actually talk to someone about something here instead of it getting flooded with randos asking “Etherium halp” or “KVM Win10 w/ Arch linux no work”.

The lounge really shouldn’t exist, that should’ve been discords job, now its a ghost town.

The tavern, while similar, isn’t as unweidly because of the slower traffic.

The only people here are the people who want to be here, and they are awesome. :thumbsup:


I hope half of what was said is actually done. Not half attempted to be pushed aside for easier, but ultimately failing, paths.

Break the cycle

I actually am hoping for more “analogue” stuff. Having started DnD-esque games with some friends recently I’ve gotten an interest in table top more. I know a good portion of the current subscribers probably don’t give a shit about non-PC related things, but it will come in time. It’s also nice when the person in front of the camera is passionate about the topic.

That forest home was awesome. If I was to ever get a home office/studio, that setup is exactly what I would want. It’s a shame woods and cities don’t really get along outside of fantasy worlds.


I live in the country and I like it so much. I used to live in the city, but not the kind of city that is really awesome.We don’t have these huge ones with so much stuff to do here in Quebec. If I were to go back to a city, it would be a huge one it would be something like asian cities.

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Why is it ANYONE’s concern how/what/when etc… this website does and how it’s done? It’s none of your business how they run THEIR business. The ignorance of this alone is the biggest problem here. Peoples ignorance of others “choice” and how they decide to do or not to do something.

I support all of the website including Tek Syndicate coming back full strength.

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Are you seriously kidding with this post? I was commenting on content in the video and just saying I don’t like how there are 100000 versions of Monopoly and I hope I won’t be seeing reviews of them all. It is the same damn game over and over again with a paint job. Get it?