Good Mountains to Climb in Colorado or Close to Colorado

Hey guys a group of friends and I want to go mountain climbing in Colorado or something similar in distance. We also wanted to camp on a trail. Would you guys know any good places?

Do you know where you are going… and when? CO is a big place. Holy Cross is where I would probably go if anywhere was ok. Telluride, Colorado is also insane.

Montana doesn’t have mountains that are quite as high, but I prefer the scenery. Glacier National Park is on the top of my list…

The people are cool, but it was harder to find fancy food in Montana when I was there. Boseman had some good stuff.

Get some chlorophyll and put 5-10 drops in your water.

thanks for the reply, haven’t been able to reply till now because I have been busy with my internship. The story is that I am going with a group of my fellow computer science college friends from Iowa. We are wanting the trip to be somewhat affordable so I dont think we could go all the way to Montana because I dont want to miss too much work. I would be preferable the farther east the mountains or trails would be. Although Tellruide looks pretty cool so I may look into that.