Good free games

let me start the list tf2, goldeneye source, fistful of frags, and hawken, I’ve been looking for some good free games lately and honestly there wasn’t a thread about it so why not.


Simple FPS assault game, but it’s beauty is in that simplicity. It’s in Beta at the moment, but it looks like the plan is to have mod and custom map support. Also light enough in resources it could probably be run on a shoebox.

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Epic Games’ new MOBA on PlayStation 4 and PC, puts you in the action with direct third-person control and deep strategic choice. Choose from an ever-expanding roster of unique Heroes, earn cards to customize your abilities, and team up with your friends online to claim victory.

Pretty fun, better looking than smite and there is a new hero every 3 weeks, all free. Not super into being MLG best player in the world, but it seems pretty fair and not P2W.

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World of Tanks, War thunder, planetside 2, Star conflict are all pretty awesome in their own ways.

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looks like damn good physics for a free low graphic game.

opened the game and when I tried to join a game it crash, both in windowed and full screen, tweeted the developer, but otherwise it looks like a good game.

They are giving copies of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare away on Steam, at the moment. Ends 28th Mar 10 AM (Pacific Time). I know it isn’t usually free, but hey, I thought I’d post it anyway. Great game.

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Halo Online

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I will gladly second that!

I missed it

BundleStars currently has it on sale for £1.89.