Gigabit Internet speeds are great, but are they necessary?

Hey all,
I am in Longmont, CO where the main internet service provider is comcast/Xfinity. As you may or may not know, they do not use fiber cabling, right now my max down speed is about 100 Mb/s.

In my town, there is a locally owned internet service provider called NextLight. They are new on the block, and they use Fiber cabling. My friend has it, and he gets down speeds around 900 Mb/s.

That sounds awesome at first, but I wonder if I would even notice a difference between those two speeds. I get great speed for streaming Netflix and playing games, in fact, it’s hard to see a need for any faster internet as of right now.

TL;DR With today’s technology limitations, is gigabit internet even necessary? Why? Comcast claims that it’s not. I want your opinions.

If you download a lot: Yes

If you don’t download a lot: No

My house gets 25 Mbps down, which is pretty much as fast as it gets in the area, and that’s pretty much fine. Would it be nicer to have faster internet? Hell yeah, but even this 25 Mbps is sufficient for my family and I. Fast enough for other people to watch Netflix in the evening and I can stream music pretty much whenever (especially considering my highest bitrate music file wouldn’t even hit 2 Mbps). Games I can download overnight or during the late morning if they are sizable and I don’t feel like nerfing the house’s internet speeds for a while.


why would you download a lot, like, would a job ever require you to do that? Nobody needs to download new games daily.

With great download, usually comes with great upload. Currently in rural Washington and have to survive off of DSL. While my download is about 25Mbps down, I can’t even get 1-2 up. I used to stream more often and seeded torrents quite a bit. Right now I’d love to have gigabit.

I think having speeds like that is kind of funny - once you have them, you don’t think twice about it. But if you’re lower, you’re constantly thinking about having faster download.


You’d be surprised at what some people I know do.

Having said that, I know there are quite a few people out there that “acquire” whole seasons of HD TV shows, movies, music, games, et cetera and have many terabytes of data. I wouldn’t say high speed is necessary in their case, but it would make it a whole lot quicker. Hell, people have scripts that just troll sites and automatically download whatever it is set to look for. That can create a massive backlog in no time at all.

I think we would use the internet differently. We could store things remotely, share things with friends easier, watch higher quality videos without buffers, etc. You could do video editing with remote files, etc. If you just did the same things you do with 100 you would notice it but probably not much… It’s about all we could do.


sorry to hear that, no one deserves that kind of torture.

this could lead to a whole discussion about modern cultural expectations, but I won’t go there as it would be rambling, hahaha.

Gigabit Internet = Massive Trolling [Confirmed]

I guarantee you with all the devices in my home I could use up Gigabit internet speeds more often than people would think. Also as a consumer more is better so don’t even start thinking like Comcast, Bell, Rogers and Time Warner. In the future we will need this faster internet even more so it needs to be put in place affordably now.

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Yes we need gigabit speeds. You may not, but we in general do.

I have a samba server with 9 Terabytes of storage. I store everything on it; documents, videos, music, torrents, software, etc. If I need to grab an iso or blue ray movie that I ripped (30 GB) I don’t have time to wait for ever. Even my largest of files take only about 10-ish minutes to download from the server. I wish I had 10 gbit network so I wouldn’t have to wait more than a minute to download something.

I pay for 100/10, because it was the highest they offer without going business class. I am always watching videos or on reddit. Doesn’t use that much bandwidth, yet. I stream in 4k when ever available by the channel. I hate having to wait for stuff.

Yep. When I had 5mbps, 10mbps & 15mbps I was constantly craving faster speeds. When I got 50mbps the craving for faster download went away. The only craving that remains for me now is upload speed.

What did you do, move to Camas or Lexington? I was pretty sure every city besides those two connected to I-5 at least had basic 40Mbps+ cable.

I live in the Gorge. :slight_smile:

Gigabit becomming commonplace would change the way we do a lot of things. Might not be super useful for the normal user of today but it will be in the future. I mean just think about netflix and youtube and other streaming services. They would never have been possible, or at least not as good, if we didnt improve to broadband speeds.


If you have 4K monitor and your the type to buy 8k as soon as it hits the shelves I could see it.
I was nearsighted at 14, I’m 54 now. For me this works:

I had to leave xfinity due to the service in my area, but I was lucky enough to to score att fiber service for my house. I will tell you that it is very nice “knowing” you have the speeds just like knowing you can reach 144 fps constantly in any game is nice. After my excitement died down I realized that only my boot drive m. 2 could download anything close to the speed of my Internet and my other ssds, well, they worked.