Gaming PC for the Mrs

Greetings! The better half’s birthday is coming up and I’m looking to treat her to a gaming pc (Hearthstone on an iMac isn’t getting good results).

Looking to play games like Hearthstone, Diablo III, Skyrim (lightly modded) Oblivion etc. I haven’t built a PC in a couple of years so out of the loop slightly in regards to current generation AMD processors and their Intel counterparts.

Got a budget of about $450-500 which would need to include peripherals and monitor. Any recommendations?

Maybe consider an AMD APU build with the avenue of a GPU upgrade down the track with your budget perhaps?

Taken a stab at it, trying to cut corners where I could:

I admit, I have not done many budget builds myself, but at upgrading in the future should be easy by increasing just RAM and the GPU.

Thoughts anyone else?

Look decent indeed! Upgrading in the future will happen of course but this looks like a good place to start.

Many thanks.

Another option we’ve been considering is a laptop.

Open to recommendations there as well.

When it comes to laptops, Intel graphics chips have gotten pretty good! Intel HD 4600 can for example run Skyrim, Oblivion etc. even on Linux under Wine pretty well. That’s a graphics chip from around 2013. Intel Iris (and even the older 5000er series) will perform pretty well too. I have not had one from the AMD APU space yet (I did own an Asus laptop with a dedicated mobile GPU + APU… it could play Elite: Dangerous at least) but those might be cheaper than Intel ones. You can certainly get a 400 USD laptop with powerful enough specs to play the games you described - easily. However I don’t have a specific model recommendation

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