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Games you have been playing as of late




That ones on my wish list for sure


Dialogues are so cringy in most games. Even Dark Souls, though it fits the tone.


Subsistence and Streets of Rogue (both on Steam)


I just reinstalled AC:B and AC:R, with the intent of bothering to complete all the achievements for once, now that the multiplayer ones have finally been removed.

The drive for procrastination can do weird things to a man.


I have just recently installed the Arma collection (1, 2, 3 and DLCs) but was advised to try DayZ mod on steam… haven’t looked back! haha! Its been a while. But starting to look at the next “adventure” already!



I beat the original Mass Effect again yesterday.

Has its moments, but it’s a fun game overall.



Really fun, I’m not really sure why.

Just a game you can pick up and play, while being able to drop it and do something else just as quick.


Just started playing Nier as it came out today. It’s a charming game. Should have a really deep story too if it turns out anything like the original. For now, side quests!


I missed Nier when it came out, and kinda shrugged it off when I saw video of it. I did like the Drakengard games but it just didn’t catch my intrest

During the hype of Automata I looked at it again and thought it looked pretty neat. Automata looks like a lot of fun and the story seems crazy and schlocky enough to be fun.

Let me know how it goes!


Everyone did… I’m amazed it even got a sequel the first didn’t do all that great (~600k sold worldwide). Anyways, I’m currently in love with it because i just have an attachment to the game series it used to be all my first girlfiend and I did after school was play Nier.

I’ll keep you posted :stuck_out_tongue:


Zelda Breath of the Wild on the Wii U and I have had a great experience despite some of it’s problems. It definitely has been entertaining and well I am a sucker for any game that has an open world. LOL!

Also … been playing blackjack at the local casino.


Just completed my first play through of Nier last night, I’m playing Mass Effect Andromeda now. As i’m sure you’ve all heard, the animations are meh (They really aren’t THAT bad), but i’m still having a great time.


I just played Rocket League last night with some friends. I forgot how fun it can be, that new Dropshot mode is pretty awesome.

I plan on playing through Dragon Quest 8 because I never finished it growing up and I plan on finishing this year! I also plan on streaming the play through too. :wink:


Beat Mass Effect 2 on Friday. Didn’t notice how much time I sunk into it over the last week and a half until I realized I started the playthrough less than two weeks ago.


How does the game compare to the others as far as story and quests? I heard this game got the inquisition treatment and it’s mmo fetch quests and poor story scattered sparsely throughout.


It does fall short of the franchise as far as story goes which makes me sad, but IMO the combat is more fun and so is the exploration.


goldeneye source, tf2, gmod, and last but not least fistful of frags.


Been playing a lot of Overwatch lately. That game is really satisfying my FPS itch.

Also started a new run of Fallout 4 in an attempt to convince myself that game is anything but average.


Hmmm the two things I care least about. Well that sucks. I was looking forward to this and saving my pennies. To bad it’s such a loss. Hopefully dawn of war 3 is worth my money.