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Games you have been playing as of late


Horizon is awesome. and Zelda has blown me away as well.


Still waiting for my wii u copy of Breath of the wild! Meanwhile I started a game on GTA Online, oh my god it’s such a blast to play with friends!


Morrowind and CSGO lately. Might try and get back into Dota 2


Doom, Minecraft & Marvel Heroes.


GTA V (second play through) Siege, Battlefeild 1 Civ VI

Waiting for Mass Effect Andromeda.


Overwatch and brawlhalla


Played Trine 2 co-op (loved it) last week. This week: Portal 2 (never got around to it until now), played a little Civ IV because I’m too stingy to buy VI at this price… then tested some of the new Ghost Recon.


If your looking for a different Civ experience I would recommend playing Civ V complete edition until Civ VI fixes it AI. it’s not that it’s unplayable but they do really stupid things. Plus you can get Civ V and it’s expansions for dirt cheap in sales.


Back in Skyrim again. And, finally, getting some time in on Witcher 3 too.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best Nintendo game since Super Mario Galaxy 2 I would say. Great design, everything modernized, in a good way. Thought Miyamoto had lost his touch with Skyward Sword, was wrong. I just wish so badly that Nintendo would go under with consoles and release this new masterpiece on PC in glorious 2K/4K and 144fps please!!! I’m not even over hyping probably. (Maybe a little). In terms of pure gameplay depth and un-datedness, this is the best Zelda game ever made. I could never get into Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess cause they felt like a ghost/ripoff-ish of Ocarina Of Time.


Started Mario RPG

So far so good


What @GnomishViking said. Civ 5 is a great game and you can get it with all its DLC for pretty cheap.


I’ll try. I actually have it, but kept hearing that 4 was way better. Anyway, I’m playing Divinity Original Sin now… I like the mechanics a bit but the dialog is silly and long-winded. Also, the voices… so cheesy.


People say Civ 4 is better because it’s more micromanagement, it’s more “true” to the original Civilization style. Civ 4 may be more in depth, but I find Civ 5 a hell of a lot easier to get into.

Looks at 485 hours of Civ 5 play racked up
Wants to play again at 3 AM


Me and my bud went through divinity. I agree 100% with everything you said. Great time though. Love the combat.


Been playing SimCity 4 again, starting modding the crap out of it. Other than that some Skyrim Enhanced Edition Modded on the weekends.


I played through that game in a couple of weekends with a co-worker. Had a lot of fun. I will agree the voice acting was kinda cheesy. I did enjoy the dialog between our characters though.


There is a lot in Divinity that I consider to be good “research” for our Zweihänder game. I really want our characters and dialog to be natural. I won’t be doing any of the “Hark, does thou come from the void on the wings of the dragon of iniquity?”


You know, I’ve played SC2K a lot, and 3K to pieces. Cities SKylines nowadays… barely ever played 4. I should change that


Cities Skylines is so damn good!