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Games you have been playing as of late


Just started playing Marvel Heroes last night.


I’ve been getting back into Fallout 4 lately; trying to get all the endings.


PC gamer here, I seem to spend most of my time in CiV 5, Rimworld and Counterstrike Global Offensive. During the holidays some good old Diablo 2 was played as well. Rimworld is my relax and chill game, CSGO well that is to get the rage out. There is a variety of games that I play on the side depending on who I can play with and in what kind of mood I am.


For me CSGO was always a good way to get rage in :smiley:

Played at Supreme until I stopped recently.


Would you recommend rimworld in the state it’s in?


I don’t personally play but being that I hardly see a couple close friends play anything else at the moment - I hear nothing but good things.


Cool. I always get worried with early access games. I have a couple from like 3 years ago that will probably never get finished.


Yeah I’ve been burned way too many times from Early Access games… So I completely understand haha


I have been playing allot of Titanfall lately. It was declared dead 2 or so years ago.
2am you may have only 2 or 3 players. Those have been some of my most enjoyable games cause the skill level is less.
Descent Underground I got a year ago under early access and it worked out great! Best development team that no one knows about.


Wow - unreal. I heard the Titanfall 2 community is pretty dead as well. That true?


Yes, I would it’s amazing as a base game and the modding community is huge. Well worth the money.


Do they have an anticipated full release date yet?


Tynan, the head dev., has not talked about a specific full release date yet as far as I know. It’s available on steam atm and you can of course buy it at: Rimworld. I bought it months ago and have over 1000+ hours easily in the game. The replay-ability is enormous. The forums on the official website have loads of mods which are easy to install/add.

In my opinion it’s worth the money for sure. The soundstrack is amazing and the amount of “Oh fuck,did that just happen moments” are endless. Check out the Rimworld category on twitch, if you have doubts. Tynan frequents many twitch channels and from my experience is willing to listen to feedback and answer questions.

Hope that answers your question @GnomishViking :slight_smile:


Now that the bugs seem to have ironed themselves out, GTA V. I’m like 5 hours in and it’s kinda meh so far.



Honestly though in my first play through I thought the story at the start was kinda meh but it grew on me a lot as I got into it. I expected it to be this typical video game story, but it’s more of an adult soup opera.

Needless to say I’m on my third play through now


It was dead. then they gave away the DLC’s and then they were around 150 players and 50 or so in my region. The bad news is those that play are really really good. If I die 10 times but make 2 kills it is a very good day!


This game is kicking ass


Looking forward to this. It’s on the list.


I’ve been out of gaming for a while, but I’ve gotten back into it. Lately it’s been:

Mass Effect 2
Horizon Zero Dawn and Now Zelda Breath of the WIld


Man both of those I need to get my hands on.

Been hearing mixed things about HZD, but looks good and story sounds like its up my alley.

But I don’t have either console…