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Games you have been playing as of late


I’ve caught up on the Witcher series. It’s been sitting in my steam library for a while.

Finished the first game (modded), gonna get started on Assassins of Kings (modded) once my semester papers are finished.

The Ethics of international relations doesn’t mix well with witchering.


Finally completed Witcher 2. Good stuff. I have a nasty habit of not completing games I bought, starting to break it. Been working on WItcher 3 and just got done with Planet Coaster. Great stuff. Also, Pokemon Sun for 3DS. Never expected to like it, but hey.


I play a lot of Battlefield 1 since I got it, they really nailed it this time, kudos to DICE.

Edit: I also can recommend Assetto Corsa to every race driver of you. The Porsche DLC is amazing.


I had to mod Witcher 2 for better third person camera. Once I did that, it felt so much better.


Borderlands The Pre-Sequel.

Deadlift was surprisingly hard for an early game boss.


Mostly games like step mania and Crypt Of The Necrodancer, I enjoy my rythum games.


I played Bloodborne for all of 30 minutes thus far. I am not sure I will ever get by the first thing to kill before I have to return it today to Family Video. I didn’t get overly frustrated with the fight but I just felt like I was playing something I could enjoy in a different game as I’d actually kill something … Dark Souls.

I also borrowed Far Cry Primal for PS4 from the library and yes I haven’t played a minute of it yet I will enjoy it as I already played quite a bit of it on Xbox One when I rented it before from Family Video. Also very nice is the fact that the library lets you borrow the game for 7 days. : )

Finally I played some of the Call of Duty GOTY boxed copy I got. Nobody playing MPer and so I moved over to 1Per and I had to use a crack to get single player going but it was worth it. I had a good time with it and the graphics looked darn good considering the age of the game. I think I put two hours into playing it thus far.


I’ve rolled a new Bowazon for the Diablo 2 2016 Ladder. It’s the first time I play the game without beign rushed in over 10 years. I’m stunned to see that much content, it’s like playing a brand new game. From normal to hell it’s a blast, and it gets even more fun when you start putting out some runewords.

Pokemon TCG is what I’m playing with my GF when we’re not playing overwatch together. It’s just so fun.


Borderlands The Pre-Sequel.

Never played it before even though I love the series, so I acquired it during the recent sale.

Decent fun, but Borderlands 2 is a greater game in my opinion.


Borderlands 2 is a much better game I find.


I mean I don’t dislike The Pre-Sequel, but certain aspects of the game simply aren’t all that great.

It’s fun bouncing around outside, but it feels a bit overused (and OZ kits are pretty much worthless with how I play)
Characters feel either feel lacking or way too over the top.
Plot doesn’t feel as grand as it was in the previous two games.

Stuff like that.


Been playing a bit of Titanfall 2, Metal Gear Solid 5 and lots of Warframe lol I hop on Horizon 3 every now and then as well.


Ok I just finished a game on PS4 for the first time ever. It was Until Dawn and some might say it is not a game and that is fine but what it was definitely was a thrill ride. Now with this though I could not put the interactive game / movie down and I have a huge headache now. A one time play through of this I do not recommend. Imagine going to the movie theater and watching a 5 and 1/2 hour movie and then expecting not to get a headache. Eh not going to happen. Anyway definitely something I would play / watch again but not sure it will be fun. I think I will be likely to make the same choices for characters again and I am not going to make different choices just for the sake of seeing different stuff and thus replay value will be poor for me most likely. So anyway as a rental I recommend this game and to own it eh maybe. It all depends on your taste in games / movies. Now as for technical stuff I think the clashing of real looking characters at times with the environment looked not so great but it wasn’t enough to stop me from playing it. Also I must say that if you like looking at butts this game has plenty of them. I enjoyed the scenery. : ) So anyway to finish up Until Dawn was enjoyable for me but I think so called hardcore gamers will dislike this as it basically is an interactive movie with some game play thrown in. I won’t give it a score but I see most people respected this for what it is and the scores are decent around the net. Like I said before definitely rent this.


It was interesting - personally thought a lot of the plot was cheesily written. But it was something fun to play with my girlfriend. She was too scared to play herself so she made me play through it lol


Finally gave Overwatch some time… I can see why people like it so much.

Been doing Overwatch on PC, Grand Kingdom on PS Vita, Planet Coaster, The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV for PS4. ( Recently got a PS4 Slim, I don’t care for the, I just want my console to be as quiet as possible. My original PS4 sounded like a jet fighter. This works so much better.)


ALL the things

but in all seriousness, World of tanks my go to when I want to make things go BOOM because the sound engine is epic in it lol. Firing off a 150 MM cannon at people is quite amusing and the game is fairly competitive.
Also been playing a lot of games that are F2P like Planetside 2. Mostly because they are online, less because they are F2P.


Until Dawn was, up and away, one of my favorite games of this console generation.


I should have played this sooner …

I decided I wanted some mindless fun I guess after playing BIT.TRIP Runner today (btw I got past 2-9 … YAY!) & so glad I picked this pig slaughtering game to play. I couldn’t believe how much fun it was. There was some complexity to killing certain pigs & then the one boss I faced. I honestly didn’t expect anything like this. Also the farmer in the barn pitchforked to the wall yells out stupid, simple dialogue that makes you cringe at times but makes the game even better. Right now this is $1.09 & I think I got two copies of this for about that price some time ago. Anyway really glad I decided to play this because this is so different than most shooters & that is a good thing. Who wants to play COD or BF-like games all the time!!! At least I don’t. Oh and it also was very easy to pick up & play. I definitely recommend this at it’s current price & hell definitely think it is worth much more.


Final Fantasy XV, it was worth the 10 year wait.


Grim Fandango Remastered (for the 13th time)
BF2 (also known as OG BF)
Assassin’s Creed 3 (more enjoyable than I thought)
And my NES, SNES library