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Games you have been playing as of late


Didn’t they come out with new versions of this game? In any way, it is a beautiful and easy going game.


Yes they have new versions of BIT.TRIP RUNNER. As for easy going with the first game eh no. At least not for me. Still with that said I don’t get frustrated playing it. In regards to it being beautiful or not I agree with you in that it looks beautiful. Simplistic but wonderful art style. I also love the music in it.


Congrats on being in the top 20. Have fun! Hope you hit #1 rank someday. : )




wow, rude



I’ve been playing a lot of C++ compiling.



LOL! Well at least you are exercising that mind and in due time you will find time for games. : )




But which one…?


The New One, kinda Failing at that


I’m just gonna wait till it’s on sale.


Heroes of the Storm so I can get the sweet sweet Genji skin for Overwatch.


I just picked up Planet Coaster. If it even gets close to scratching the Rollercoaster Tycoon itch then it’s probably my GotY


Right back once you’ve tried it. I’m interested in how you like it


I recently set up and old pc on a tv with steamos installed on it. So my games have been limited to undertale and half life 2, which are not bad games to ever play again.


Spent a couple of hours messing about in Planet Coaster sandbox mode and it’s bloody brilliant so far. Overwhelming amount of customisation options, great integration with Steam Workshop and runs like a charm. Will try out campaign mode tomorrow as tonight was purely spent learning what tools were available and what I could do with them


Well I rented 7 Days to Die for Xbox One and I have to say that is definitely in my top 10 worst games of all-time. Graphics = horrid … FPS = stuttering even with poor graphics … story = none … zombies = horrible to combat and they clip right through you and so on. I thought btw I was playing an N64 game which is a system I could never stand due to the graphics. My goodness they hurt my eyes and so did this game. It literally hurt … bad.


Can’t. Stop. Playing. BF1.


It’s like a dominatrix. It kicks your ass every time, but you keep coming back.


Renting games pays off as you find out if you like the game or not before you spend real money on a game. Thanks goodness for Family Video …

Soooo …

I just played a Deus Ex game finally and thoroughly enjoyed it. The one I played was Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3. I liked the story and I liked the difficulty level even on the easiest mode. Now at first I was not enjoying the stealth controls but lucky you can move away from all that once you get a little further in the game. At least you can just gun on the difficulty I am playing it on. I mean you still need to find cover but you don’t need to use all of the quirky cover system that I truly struggled with. In regards to the hacking I don’t know if I fully understand it but I have enjoyed it and I am learning. I also like the fact that with this game if you feel like going nuts you can do it and have a hell of a good time with it. I mistakenly went crazy in the police station but was laughing my head off for quite a bit before I was killed. It was a hell of a shit show. I think it is worth having a saved game where you play the game the way you are supposedly not to play it. Now in regards to cut scenes they are not too bad but at times don’t look similar and so that kind of stinks. I also think there could have been less repetition in what NPCs say and some people that look different have the same voice actor which is no good. :S Also the controls for the cover system seem to be jerky but I guess if I read up on the control scheme I can learn to do it proper and with this game I find it more worth it to put the effort in vs a game series like GOW that I really didn’t like beyond the controls. Now yes I still would have preferred a different control scheme with a simpler roll and none of that hugging walls and whatever but again I can tolerate it with Deus Ex as I like the story. I will put up with the bad to play the game. So anyway … definitely will be buying up Deus Ex games in the future. : )