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Games you have been playing as of late


There is a .ini file where you installed the game that you need to change plus another one in your documents folder. Both have the same info, but you have to change both for it to work.

Also any other .ini file you find take a look inside that it doesn’t have resolution stuff too. If you miss anyone it will revert back to its normal res. But I am pretty sure there’s only the two.

Also make sure fillscreen is set to 1


KK Will do. I have steam on my samsung 950 m.2 nvme boot drive but it save’s to a raid 0 array of double 512GB samsung 850 pro evo’s. So my doc’s is on one drive and the .ini file is in the other.


I have been playing Skyrim SE with 36 mods so far.
Once they get SKSE im going to put at min another 100+ hours into this


Total War looks like a great series been looking to get into it.


Not a whole lot of gaming lately, but when I have been on, it’s been Battlefield 1. I typically don’t get that excited for most modern day mulitplayer heavy FPSs, but the beta did impress me. Glad I got it.


Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex First Assault Online and GTA Vice City. I never beat VC and I used the GitS game to “get gud” at FPSes, but now I play it for the fun of it.


Anyone wanting to play Overwatch can PM me and we can be friends. Lol.

Also, a game that I played recently that I really liked is The Banner Saga. It progresses kind of slowly but I love the Viking-esque lore and the gameplay.


Fallout 4

I find the different mechanics of the game to be interesting.


I have finally sat my butt down to play Witcher 3 (Im upset it took so long for me to start playing it). Also I would love to get my hands on TitanFall 2.


COD MW2 on PS3 … played 2 matches before going out to shoot hoops late Sunday and got a 4/2 K/D ratio and we won!


I loved the Witcher 3 I still need to get the most recent DLC. But I enjoy Play through plus Max difficulty!


Was Pondering NBA 2K17 as I have no basket ball games and cannot play the actual sport due to being in a wheel chair and what not.


Never really got sucked into Metal Gear Solid, I should probably re-give it a try !


Heck’s Yeah! Ehrmigawd the story delivery and the cinematics and the stealth mechanics along with the gunplay paired with the sabatoge of other player’s forward operating bases in game on top of an online multiplayer similar to Counter Strike but with metal gear solid weapons and mechanics added camouflage and what not. Great game! On top of the secret karma system that affect’s you by tallying a score when you perform a good or evil action on top of all the alternate endings and hidden costume’s some with really sweet effect’s (Cyber Ninja being my fave). Pretty worth the moneys!


You know there are wheelchair basketball leagues in many cities. Is there not one in your’s? Also as for thinking about playing NBA 2K17 well 2K is king in basketball games for a reason so it would be a good choice if you get it. As for basketball games in general I can’t remember the names of the titles I used to play as a kid but I tell you I always enjoyed basketball games. I don’t watch the sport much because every single time I try to I ask people to explain what illegal D is and more nobody can just straight tell me. Also I don’t understand the play calling. I really would like to understand basketball more and maybe playing the newer video games could help me but I definitely got to try and read up more on the sport too.


Degenerative Bone Disease I am Fused T2 through the Pelvis with Harrington rod’s that have broken in 4 places plus snapped screw’s in my saicral hip fixation and it’s all un-operable because I’ve been in and out of Intensive surgery’s from 16 until now 26. Even fought off a skull based chordoma tumor that has a less then 3% chance survival rate. So computer’s really is all I can do.


I stopped playing a few years ago, but I still feel a sense of alignment with the Horde. FTH, my dude!


iRacing. I’m in the top 20 in my division in the Advanced Rookies Legends Oval series so I race every week. Was doing the MX-5 cup as well on road courses, but I’ve been busy as fuck lately doing lots of meth, fuckin polynomials and radicals and shit, so haven’t had a change to put much work into the racing.

Raced a single race at Concord yesterday and it’s the least competitive I’ve been all season. Was total ass. At least they’re short races, two hours of that shit would be brutal.


Finally bought myself a new graphics card (Palit GTX1060 6Gb) so I’ve been getting myself back into PC gaming full time.

About 10 hours into Witcher 3 which I absolutely love so far and it’s scratching my single player itch nicely whilst I wait on Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 to drop in price and SKSE/SkyUI to make their way over to Skyrim SE.

Multiplayer wise I’ve gotten back into Siege with a few buddies and also involved in a few large multiplayer Civ VI games at the moment. Outside of those it’s been Overwatch Overwatch Overwatch.

For my sports gaming time I’ve been working my way through NBA2K17s career mode. Finally got a starting role on the Bulls last night


BIT.TRIP RUNNER! on pc is what I played tonight

… and some wonderful news as I progressed further finally clearing 2-9 earlier this evening. : )