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Games you have been playing as of late


Installed Paladins today. Got through the tutorial. First things that pops up after you finish is loot chests. I know it’s a free game, so that’s more acceptable than CoD doing it, but we’ll see. If it becomes a nuisance then I won’t play it any more.

I want to get it. Never tried any Divinity games, but from what I understand is it has local co-op, it isn’t very fast-paced, and it is very light-hearted when it comes to dialogue and stuff like that. I think it’ll be perfect to get my gf into gaming more. She’s very much into fantasy, but she is intimidated by how much is going on in most games. It’s easy for someone to get into a new game when they’ve been gaming for decades. She’s just getting into it basically. I’m just waiting to see if it’ll go on sale for the holidays.


I’ve been playing paladins as well. It’s alright game. Good break from overwatchs bad match making.


I’d say play the second one then. Its much Easier to follow the story. Doesn’t hold you hand by any means, but it’s easier the figure out where to go. The first one you have no idea where stuff is or how to get there just have to trial and error


I don’t have a ton of experience with Overwatch, but I did like that in Paladins there was no attacking or defending team in the match I got into. Basically neutral and whoever captured the objective first became the attacking team with the payload. I also liked how it’s just first team to win four objectives, so there’s no way to tie.


BF Hardline

I just put in major hours playing the Battlefield Hardline campaign and I got to say I am in agreement with the ratings I have seen for it on the net when searching that have it rated as a pretty darn good game. When I played this game in beta I only got to play the MPer and it was decent. However from what I remember back then there was no real hype around this game. So to my surprise when playing the campaign tonight I have to say this was a pleasant surprise giving me a game that was pretty intense, graphics that look more than decent at times, voice acting that was really good and hell the story / characters grabbed me. Now yes I finally had to put the game down despite liking it so much but it was only because my eyes couldn’t handle what was on screen anymore as the game was getting more intense. Finally I have to say that this game is one I would play again as it has different difficulty levels but even if it didn’t I’d want to clear the game with less deaths. Honestly one thing I wish games would do all the time is keep track of how many times a player has died in single player mode so they see this and have it handy and try to do better when playing it again. Anyway awesome game.


While coming across a deal on a game this morning and thinking of buying it for my brother I decided to play it as I already had it in my Steam library. Anyway after finding out that the online play and leaderboard were no longer a thing with the game I still say I’d play this again. The bots were good, the gameplay is interesting, the graphics look great, and well it is a nice time killer. It is a throwback to games like Unreal and Quake and the game is made on the Unreal engine so it runs great and feels like those games. Now as for it having no online play because you can set a LAN server up I may be able to play this on GameRanger or something like this. I am going to try setting up a LAN server and using GameRanger or whatever later today and fingers crossed this is all a go. Still though for how cheap the game is now even if the LAN or the other never works this game is still worth buying. If you want to know where to get it cheap check out the gaming deal thread I started.



Been playing WildStar, because that’s silly fun


I put several hours into Paladins over the last couple days. Also starting to remember why I stopped playing Overwatch. Like every other match I get people who just refuse to push the objective. They run around like a bunch of idiots trying to get kills, while the other team pushes the cart straight through.

I like the game overall, and I’m in no way a pro, but god damn I hate getting people who don’t contribute in any way. At least in CS I can do some solo stuff where I don’t have to worry about how shitty other people are.


I picked up a few games from Gaben’s Gaming Emporium. None of them have been as good as Doom so far.


Ok I know I never paid the price in the store that is showing for Hell Yeah! but anyway the game is quick paced, looks good, has an interesting but simple take on boss fights. It had me laughing more than a few times. It also had me kind of swearing trying to get up onto certain ledges. I guess it is best played with a controller but I was just fine with keyboard and mouse. Anyway on a day where I needed cheering up, which is quite often, and needing something different to play than I have been playing this did the trick. Unfortunately I have to put this down for now as I have real life to attend to but I am definitely coming back to this game. : )


Just beat Wildlands the other day. Kinda upset I missed out on both uPlay’s and Gamergates sale for Watch Dogs 2, since I’ve been wanting to run through that for along min, but my backlog is stacked as is. So I’m moving on to Dishonored 2 as soon as finals is up this week.