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Games you have been playing as of late


I’ve been having a lot of fun with Northgard, well worth the money and just an interesting game. A mix of settlers meets starcraft meets civ, a mad mix that works well. It’s another, still in development titles, but I’ve put 80+ hours in it and it feels like a full game. Rimworld has been my relax game for a long time now, just an amazing game and the replay-ability is insane. To get my fps fix I play Payday 2, csgo and a few sniper games. I’ve rediscovered War Thunder, which is great to play for a round or two. Especially lower tier flying is a lot of fun. I avoid the “try-hard” higher tier modes.


Divinity Origonal Sin 2 has pretty much consumed my life the last couple weeks. Easily becoming one of my fave series


I started, but keep avoiding it for that reason, lol.

Just finished Dusk Episode 1… waiting on the rest.


Have you played Darkwood?


I’ve been looking at it for a while… I should probably pick it up.

In the meantime… here’s a pic from the Dusk playthrough:
20171105030252_1 (Medium)


I’m in a new phase with my games, and my books for that matter. Where I have to finish what I am currently on before I buy or start something else.

Otherwise my steam library gets to over 250 like it currently is.


Probably because you subconscious recognizes it as heroin and is telling you to stay away.


Been playing a lot Town of Salem with my brother and sister. Fun game.


Arma 3 mostly

But between that The Forrest & Mad Max cuz straya


Yeah, I loved part one… except the cheesy dialog and super high fantasy story, but the characters and combat.


I’d love to see the studio make a sci-fy game in the same vein as this series. I think that would be super cool.


That sounds incredibly sadistic. Phew. I think I’ll go buy some books to calm my nerves.


Been a few days since I was able to game, spent all day yesterday playing Terraria with my GF. It was awesome.


Been playing a lot of the OG mount & blade lately and I have no idea why.
Also some world of tanks once in a while.


It can be painful at times. Like now for instance where there are 5 games and 3 books I want to consume at the same time and I have to force my self not to.

But it’s good cause otherwise I’m rushed or I don’t finish what I was on.


I played 6 hours of …

Duke Nukem Forever

and eh that game definitely is flawed. I hope if there is another Duke Nukem game it is much better than what I played. Now yes there were fun moments and the graphics at times looked good but it just was so inconsistent with everything. Still though with all the bad I mentioned I got to complete this among other games. I don’t my backlog4life to be as big when I finally pass on someday.


Played some overwatch, got salt. Now my brother and I are playing paladins. Fun game.


Yesterday I had a decent session playing …


I was reminded of the fact that I don’t understand the crafting system very well and because of that my inventory ends up with so much in it. Anyway I still enjoyed the game and while not grouping with anyone I did run some stuff where people helped each other out taking out some enemies where others and I needed that little bit of extra help. In fact when I am done what I got to do today, work on surveys and some school work, I will be playing more for sure. : )


Loads of fun. Lots of cheap laughs. Awesome that they have the real voices. Turn based combat also is enjoyable especially since it is not Final Fantasy or similar for once. A great game that I have played before by the way but this time I am playing this on PC and it looks and sounds great and as for what 4K is doing for it hell if I know. Anyway I look forward to playing this game some more as it is not quick paced and to me is casual fun. It was especially nice to play by the way after dealing with Serious Sam II and Resident Evil 6 something something earlier as they both gave me poor experiences whether it be with game controls or with how the game looked on my 4K tv. So yeah I am going to be spending more time in South Park and no time in those other games worlds.

South Park The Stick of Truth


Medieval Mercs

Well Jim Sterling and many others really didn’t like much of what Digital Homicide was doing but in regards to the video Jim Sterling did to show this game, Medieval Mercs, he, like me, didn’t realize at first with the control scheme you click on mouse 1 for a basic attack but then you are to press the keys instead of clicking on the symbols on your attack bar for the other three attacks. In fact while most would expect clicking on them would be the right thing to do in assigning them to just keys it takes a little more time to use them and thus makes the game a little harder. Also this is very old school like and that is not bad. Graphically I think it looks fine. Currently I am playing it on easy and look forward to seeing if the difficulty really does ramp up quite a bit. Also I must say the interface looked just fine plus the load screen was fine as it has that old style look for pc gaming. To me this game is a simple, easy to get into game to play. It fills a certain kind of game I want in my library. So in closing I would say Jim Sterling here bashed Digital Homicide when quite frankly it wasn’t warranted. I played this for 35 minutes and would play it more but I have other things to attend to but yeah I will play it again despite it being a Digital Homicide game.