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Games you have been playing as of late


It’s been good to me for the most part, except every time it updates the shortcut gets removed from my taskbar (just turns into a white rectangle and if you click it it says it no longer exists), so I have to go back into the Blizzard App folder and create another shortcut.

Never had any major issues though, until this patch came out.


Arma 3 & Spintires!

I play arma way to much


Decided to get back to my roots and play some pokemon on retroarch, I think I’ll play HL1 next.


Tom Clancy’s The Division on Xbox One …

It is like I am married to this game now and won’t quite playing until there is a funeral for it with the game going offline or if I die.

I have loads of fun with it and had a very friendly group of people I played with recently but my goodness the amount of hours I am playing the game and when I am playing it. I need to get back to sleeping and not playing this all night / early morning but it’s so hard to put down. When an open world really grabs me it is often a life killer. I had gotten away from putting long hours into games like this with recent games that wanted to be the next WOW not even playing more than the beta and maybe a little after I first bought them but TCTD looks so good and is different than the usual open world games I played in the past. I have had the exact same problem at this time with Destiny. The difference that has me hooked to these games that makes them different is that these are shooter mmorpgs and that is pretty damn cool and playing them on console where a gamepad is mandatory gives one a new game experience and well I love new experiences with gaming. So hard to put this game down … : S Oh and that good night of fun I had with a very friendly group of people only stopped when the servers were taken down for 3 hour maintenance so I would have kept right on playing. : S

Sooooooooo 11/10 for fun but man oh man …


I played this …


on Steam 2 weeks ago & wow. I was looking for something to kill time while downloading something & I didn’t want anything too noisy or in your face so I thought well this here game sounds interesting & it was. It’s a puzzle type action game. Now would I pay what the price is on Steam for it? No I would not but I am not saying it isn’t worth that. If you like a game that makes you think, has a nice soundtrack, is easy on the eyes, gives you reasons to play the game again well this is for you. Pay what you want for it. I got it in a bundle or possibly even free at some point. Awesome hidden gem in my gaming library. Btw I only played for 30 minutes thus far and I am already sold on it.

Update: Stuck on 1-4 as I believe I have completed it but it won’t let me advance in the game. It keeps sending me back to this point. I can’t figure out what is going on. I did start a thread on the game’s Steam page but if someone has an answer to my problem here I sure as hell would welcome the help.

Update: Someone on Steam provided a video to help. I got to get back to this game soon.


Doom at 4k using a GTX 1080 Ti. It was loads of fun in terms of the combat. I love how you just go up to them at a certain point and do a finishing move. As for other aspects of the game finding my way in regards to where I needed to go next not so easy. Also with Doom last night eh my pc overheated and would not turn on and well I truly believe it was the cheap Mushkin Joule 1000 watt PSU that was the problem. It is probably the worst pc part I have ever bought new. Still though at least I know it can be used as a PSU in a less power hungry pc as it has worked fine before for my brother for a good amount of time. Anyway I had to swap it out and put in an Antec psu that rates well and never has given me an issue and it didn’t as I continued to play last night after fixing things. Well I guess technically it also included today … the early hours. Anyway if you haven’t played …


I recommend it.

Also …

I played a bit of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil which I didn’t like as much as well the graphics were hard on the eyes and I am not just talking about looking at solid objects. I am talking about some environmental things happening in the game that were annoying. So anyway eventually I got to parts where I enjoyed myself including facing a first boss or what seemed like one but without a health meter for him I was having trouble figuring out if he was really taking significant damage or not. I ran out of ammo too once and thus could not kill him. I may have to YouTube to figure out how to get past that part. Sooooo … getting back to the graphics … I tried to use modes that improved the way it looked and while I thought I had one all ready to work when I set it to 4K editing the config file well for some reason it didn’t work. I had no trouble making 4K work without mods in some games but this one loaded up and was just in a strange position on the screen. So I didn’t get to see this game nor Doom 3 with better textures and from what I saw in videos on the net and in still it seemed worth it if you could get it to work.

Doom 3

Doom 3 ROE


I cancelled my WoW membership for three days and then I started playing again :stuck_out_tongue:. I switched to my human rogue because my belf lock (main) was getting boring. I was trying to level my tauren druid, but going from 100-110 again kinda sucks, but at least with my rogue the perspective is different because I’m playing for the other faction.

Also playing a lot of Destiny 2. I’m really enjoying it so far. They’ve made a few notable improvements over the first game. It’s taking a long time for me to get used to how long it takes to kill anyone. When I was big into CS it was pretty quick once you got good at aiming. I also played a lot of harcord tdm when I was into CoD, and that was really quick kills. Destiny feels more like Halo (makes sense).

Online competitive games are sort of getting tiring though. I hate how it’s kinda just luck of the draw in terms of the skill level of your team mates.

Also, I keep getting kicked off WiFi on my PS4. It’s not my internet, because it’s fine on my desktop, and it’s not Destiny because when I close out of Destiny I can’t get on the PS Store either. Hopefully it’s not my PS4’s wireless card. I guess worst case scenario I could share my desktop’s WiFi over ethernet to the PS4.


I played some more of …

last night. I leveled up and killed a boss I could not kill before and it opened up finding some more phone messages and other stuff. I didn’t play with anyone as I could only play solo as I didn’t have Xbox Live but still I only did as much as I wanted solo so all good. I also collected materials trying to get to max with all things in the base or whatever. A fun gaming experience.

Also I played some …

BF4 Xbox One

single player on Xbox One S…

Fun stuff too. I just hope I can get better at gaming someday so I can move through this backlog quicker. I don’t want to rush through things but geeze it takes me way too long to get through levels and thus often I never end up completing games and forget about them.

I can say though it has been a good gaming year thus far and going well back into 2016. I am finally playing what I have vs looking it on my shelf or whatever collecting dust.

Update: In regards to BF4 I am starting to get frustrated with graphical glitches, swimming that was damn ridiculous and then when just to climb up you had to time it right and they didn’t have much of a hit box for it and also it was hard to see what button to press. Oh and now I am on the deck of this aircraft carrier and I don’t know how I will ever get by it with the graphical glitch I am seeing plus the fact that my teammates like in much of the rest of the game do next to nothing. Btw I am playing it on Easy too so damn I should be getting more help than this. LOL!

Update 2: I made it to the 2nd last chapter but man oh man this game should have been so much better. : S


Well through the evening of Thursday and early into the morning of Friday I played the following …

Hard Reset Extended Edition

Totally amazing game. The only issue I had with it was the FOV and low and behold you can change it in the menu from 60 to 90. When I switched it towards the end of my gaming session it surely helped out. It is a very fast paced, intense experience and so you need a better FOV to see all that is going on.

Really nice graphics, interesting cut scenes done comic strip style, a variety of enemies that look pretty cool and a destructible environment at times plus many things in the environment to shoot and have them hurt enemies = I will be continuing to play this. : )

Haunted Memories

I really enjoy the game. It had a very muddy, foggy graphical presentation which some might not like but my eyes got used to it. It definitely was scary when I came face to face with the apparition or whatever and I turned and ran. I only stopped playing this because well when you die you have to start all over. I really don’t know if there is a save spot anywhere in this. I see there is a chapter 2 DLC but I could only find it on the net when looking at Steam but when searching for it using the software I came up with nothing. I definitely want the DLC. Anyway maybe the game doesn’t have a save because chapter 1 is short but if there are no saves I can say I played the game for 30 minutes and hard to play games that long and have nothing to show for it. : S Well actually I have something to show for it as I again enjoyed playing it and heck I also streamed it like I did with other games tonight. I did some Facebook streaming. LOL!

Humanity Asset

The game has it’s flaws in terms of how it controls and while the bosses seem interesting there is just something off about the combat when fighting them whether it ends up being too easy or too hard. At least that is how it is thus far with my experience with the game.
In regards to graphics other than when in the boss rooms the game doesn’t look very good but it is acceptable to people who are used to much older graphic styles.
As for the user interface when dealing with looking at the weapon you have on you and modifying it well this all seems a mess. I had no idea what I was doing. It truly was bad.
So at the end of my session in playing this game while I saw things I did not like about the game to me it is an easy pick up and play and I can ignore some of the flaws just to be able to play something different. I really wish the game would be fixed but I see that the developer hasn’t commented on anything since 2014 so yeah not much hope on this getting fixed.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

The game was a pleasant surprise. A puzzle game where you control 3 people with different abilities. I played it for 22 minutes and it was worth playing longer and I don’t remember why I stopped playing it. Now it was not one of the games I streamed but I may stream it in the future. It definitely is no graphical marvel but the game was easy to pick up and play. I really don’t know what the story is about as I don’t even remember it being discussed when they started up the game. I could be wrong but whatever.

So yeah I played quite a few games tonight after plans fell through due to monetary reasons but it is ok as I ended up having a great time. : )


I got a pleasant surprise playing this today as I have been trying to knock off games I have never played before. I thought I recognized the name of the game and found out yes it was a game released long ago on Xbox and PC. The graphics, old school, are not hard on the eyes at all and getting to fly a plane that is actually easy to fly and then being able to transform into a robot when you want ground warfare is awesome. Now in order to get the game to run proper many have had to set this game in Windows XP SP2 mode and I had to do that to get it to run proper and not glitch out. Also nice to see in the menu it has a slider for mouse sensitivity which is a must to change with this game as to me the default was nuts. So yeah I just was looking for something to play while waiting to motivate myself to go out grocery shopping … YUK! I put in 15 minutes or so and would have kept going if I had not failed on the second level. Anyway if you get this at a nice price or free it is a game worth playing despite it’s age.

Gun Metal



Well since Xbox Live is free this weekend I got to play the online beta for Star Wars Battlefront II. I can say honestly it felt just like the other game but what is worse for me is the flight stuff is now way harder like Battlefield games so I won’t be able to get much fun from that ever. Also I still can’t use hero characters well. The only way I see me getting this game (if I had the money of course) fairly new is if the campaign is really good but honestly I may be able to clear it just by renting the game from Family Video.

Soooo anyway …

Free Xbox Live this weekend and the beta for Stars Battlefront II means it is definitely going to be a good gaming weekend.


Been playing some OpenMW with Clean Chargen Revamped, installed Xenonauts for that XCOM-y turn based goodness.



So I played this for Xbox One and this is one of the worst console games I have played in awhile. The horrible FOV that you can’t change combined with the PS2 graphics = extremely hard on the eyes. On top of that the game runs under 30 frames per second. Also the cut scenes trying to be comical definitely don’t fit well with the game. This is a real turd. I am just glad that it was a throw in freebie rental for coming back to Family Video.

Horizon Zero Dawn

10/10 for sure. I played this game previous to me renting it this time and I thought I had erased the saved game but lucky I didn’t. This time around I got to see some boss fights and get past them even if it was done sloppy on easy. I also got to see some new really nice looking environments. Finally the graphics at times in terms of the characters is pretty nice. Anyway I rented it again tonight and look forward to playing way more of it over the next 5 days.


Mostly CoD 2. Later this week, CoD WW2. Just waiting for Battalion 1944 to be publicly playable.


Some folks brought me into Killing Floor 2, then PUBG, and a bunch of Skyrim on the side.


Fallout: New Vegas when it doesn’t randomly CTD.

I’ve been trying hard to get as many quests done as possible, but it’s a pain when the game will seemingly randomly crash to desktop.


I’m in a slump right now. Been playing a little more WoW than usual, but pretty much just working towards getting all the Hallow’s End achievements.

I think the only reason I’ve played it for so long is because at first I was discovering a new world. That lasted a couple years. Then I started getting kinda bored. Then I started dating a girl who played, so that’s like all we did and it was a lot of fun. Now I’m just bored because I’ve played through everything and don’t have someone to play with consistently.

Mobile Legends during lunch.

I enjoyed the Destiny 2 campaign, but I couldn’t care less about the raid or Nightfall, and the PvP grind is getting boring.

Waiting for Wolfenstein to go on sale now.


I usually go back and forth between a few games (bad habit, I also read a handful different books at the same time), but I still keep going back to Divinity 2. Definitely one of my favorites this year.


Indeed. I played about three hours before stopping to work on the album. It’s time to get back into it.


Horizon Zero Dawn … more and more and more of it I have played as of late and going to play more this early morning. I was going to buy it but $59.99 new and $55 used at EB Games wasn’t for me. Yeah if you rent the game enough times you will end up paying that but right now I am not even close to $55 in rental fees for it. Hopefully maybe I can trade for it.