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Games you have been playing as of late


I rented it from Family Video and finally got around to playing it today and I recommend that others rent it if they can before buying it. To me it seems like a bargain basement title. It also seems like a game that could have benefited from having a MPer side component to it. I played it today on Xbox One and while I liked the beginning in terms of setting up a story I don’t think there really is much there after this. In regards to the combat it works fine although if you have to at some point jump on something or want to jump on something it doesn’t use a controller button for that but instead the analog stick and you do it off a run. Very strange. Anyway I guess new right now this game is $59.99 Canadian for Xbox One and other consoles but to me that is too much to pay for this. Now was the game fun? I enjoyed it enough to where I will buy it when it ends up being under $10 Canadian or if I can trade for it I would offer up some older game for it. Anyway happy gaming … : )


Got this game when it came out. Probably my top 10 games of all time. hardest game I have ever played though. Nearly punched my monitor sooo many times. Finally beat it though and I was super happy with myself.


I have played Deus Ex something something that was an Xbox 360 digital game for me but I played it on Xbox One. I was having some fun with it until the batteries died in the controller and I didn’t have my replacements like I usually have.

I then move onto a PS4 game called …

I heard many people knock this game time and time again on the internet but I sure as heck am glad I bought it not too long ago. I got a physical copy for $13 and change at EB Games Canada. I hadn’t seen it on the shelf for quite awhile and wanted a physical copy and thankfully got one as the game is fun. I am playing on normal mode and what is nice with this game is the combat. It isn’t overly complicated but satisfying. Now while I’m enjoying the combat and saying it isn’t that difficult I am forgetting to do one obvious move like this ground stop that does damage. I also am struggling to be more mobile and I’m not quite sure about the analog stick avoidance move as at times it just seems easier to just jump away. Anyway I got to get movement down better and that stomp but still the combat again is satisfying. ln regards to the story it is terrible. It is so strange that now towards the latter part of the game I hardly care anymore. There’s so much bad dialogue plus a few awkward moments so forget this game if you’re looking for a story that is good.! So anyway I’d say if you want some fun combat pick this up but don’t overpay for this. Brand new I couldn’t imagine paying what people paid for this and right now if I had paid even $20 for this I’d be sick. I really think the developers for this missed a chance here to make a great game. I think I’d like to see a game like this in the future where you have this robot that can pick up things and form into something different and larger and combat enemies like the way it is done in this game but there really needs to be a better story. Knack 2? Eh if they do another game maybe just start from scratch with the story and don’t worry about the first game. Now if there isn’t a Knack 2 someone please just make a game taking the good parts I mentioned.

Btw after dealing with battery issues earlier with my Xbox gaming session I then was scared by a brown out which interrupted me playing Knack. All electronics in the house are fine. Thanks goodness.


I purchased Final Fantasy XIV prior to the release of stormblood. I’m not a huge fan of MMOs but this one has the classic Final Fantasy single player story and it’s awesome!


Poland can into space!


WoW and Rocket League.

I got my Destiny 2 beta key though, so once the 18th rolls around I’ll be playing that a lot.


I love Civ, one of the great games with native linux support. LMK if you ever wanna play.


I 12 hour binged on Sniper Elite 4 for the PS4. I rented it from Family Video. After what I played so far I will play it again for sure. It has been an enjoyable single player experience. As for the MPer I haven’t tried it as I do not have PS + but honestly I don’t think I’d like the MPer as I would get wrecked.


Nine hours of this game I played recently on the Xbox 360 system. There were plenty of players to play with despite the game now being able to be played on Xbox One and I was happy with that as I want to get some more use out of my old gaming systems. In terms of how I did … eh I really have to be one of, if not, the world’s worst gamers. I clearly sucked. Most of the time I ended up with 1 or 2 kills plus 10+ deaths. I even had a game where I had 0 kills. Heck I probably had more than one game like that. Now despite the poor play by me if it wasn’t for a phone call I got I would have continued to play this game for even longer. So this is a fun game that people bash and I am not sure why. If anyone can fill me in on what many think is wrong with the game please do.

Btw the reason I shared this photo for the game …

is I want to say …

I still can’t use the bloody camera included as the buttons are too small to mess around with.

Also …

I was really disappointed that on Activision’s website one could still not use the code for certain things included in this edition of the game. No reason to have a limited time use for it. Now thankfully though the season pass and something else was able to be used on the Xbox Live store or whatever.

So yeah in getting this COD Ghosts Prestige Edition I really didn’t get everything I should get and that is bullshit.



No way did I pay $7.79 Canadian for this and heck I maybe got it free but despite having some problems with responsiveness with the controls and a resolution related issue I got fixed the game was quite enjoyable. If you can get it on the super cheap or in a bundle it definitely is worth playing. It is a nice break from the usual games I play which are shooters, action games, etc.


While waiting for my uncle to race at Hanover Raceway on the weekend I decided to play a game called Blockstorm and was pleasantly surprised by the Minecraft / shooter. It looks great and plays pretty well.


I played this game 3 days ago and even though I am late to the party it is a good one. I think this may be the best Call of Duty I’ve ever played. I had screwed up at first thinking I couldn’t find an online game & even did player searches for games but nothing came of it. It may have been that I was trying with the ranked system but hey anyway eventually I got into games & played this for 2 hours + and I’d play it for more if I didn’t need to come up for air. Eventually one has to put a game down. Also if I put it down and it suddenly goes offline for good on Xbox 360 I can play it using LAN play. Still though it I can play it on Xbox One as it was added to the backwards compatibility list so nice to have so many options to play this. Every game should be like this.


I played this about 11 days ago …

& after playing it for less than a minute I knew I already played this before. I just don’t know where my saved game for it is. The thing is I may have played it on pc the other time but not sure. Anyway that game looks great on the Xbox 360 graphically & it makes me wonder just how good games could look if every developer pushed their games to the max on it. I wonder what the best a game could look like on the old system.

Anyway in regards to Dead Space I definitely want to clear it sometime but I am more focused on playing MPer games in case they are taken offline in the near future.


OMNI-PLAY BASKETBALL (branded as Magic Johnson’s MVP, Magic Johnson MVP)

I decided to stream games I played as a kid on my Twitch channel recently and with this one well you start out with a really bad expansion team so no surprise my DeViLzzz are getting rocked but seriously 0 for 30 shooting in the 4th quarter and losing by 60? Btw flaws I have seen with the game … I see no way to call a timeout (might be there but haven’t seen it yet) and also when your shot gets blocked out of bounds many times it says it is a shot clock violation and while this is a terrible mistake it at least from what I have seen only happens when you have next to no time left on the shot clock. Oh and for the record while playing this I am playing my team in coaching only mode.


Well in the past few weeks I enjoyed playing a game that had a story I’d be interested in showed in the Lego way. Some good laughs for sure. The Star Wars references graphically were awesome. : ) Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventure on Xbox 360 … a nice replacement for the films for me as quite frankly I can’t stand them anymore.


Despite not being able to find people to play this with in online play I enjoyed some Sega Rally Revo for the Xbox 360 today. I used to be into NASCAR race games as a kid on Sega and well by coincidence this is a Sega game. It is definitely not NASCAR though but man is it fun to play for a racer and it is gorgeous for an Xbox 360 game. It does true 1080p which helps. So anyway if someone has a copy of this game and wants to play online in the future let me know. We only need 2 to 4 players for online play but you can have as many as 8 I believe. I generally set games up in the non ranked area as I believe in the ranked area you actually need 8 people but hey I could be wrong. Anyway HaPpY GaMiNg people!


You know you are a gamer 4 when …

You put in at least 9 hours in your last gaming session.

I was playing The Division. In the end I played with a really nice people who were patient with me when I told them I could not figure out how to throw grenades and even eat food to get health back while doing various quests / events. In the end I did learn from one guy how to do the things I could not figure out on my own. Yes I could have looked them up but at times I hate doing that because if it isn’t simple in the game then maybe it isn’t a game worth playing. Anyway I now know how to do what I could not do and just need to practice. Also the guy that helped me added me to his friends list which was nice and unexpected. Finally like I said to my online friend of 4 years or so I wish they would find a cure for needing sleep as I don’t want to sleep. I want to game endlessly when I want to. I do not want great gaming fun to end on terms that are not mine.


“an interesting concept”

When I talked many times to people who actually play games that work at EB Games I got a similar message as to what I quoted from the Wikipedia info, on the game. Tonight though I saw this while actually playing the game using LAN/offline play with many bots. I tried to get my son to play but no go. I was able to show him though what made me excited about the game and that was the slide step instead of a roll to move quickly sideways and also the feign death thing where you hold down a button and pray the opponent thinks you are dead. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t but damn cool. Anyway hopefully like with this game in the future we will see LAN/offline play included again and if they want to have it locked somehow until the life of the game is much older so be it as long as it is an option. Anyway a very fun game and I’d love to see a sequel to it. It might be hard though considering Free Radical Design now known as Crytek is in extreme financial troubles and possibly are even dead though I have never seen confirmation of that. The publisher was Ubisoft and well they are still pushing out games that are flawed but fun and if they are about fun I think they can take Haze and do something better with it. Hopefully that or something else can happen.


Trying to play WoW, but it won’t let me. I tried pre-loading for the new patch once that was available, but it kept erroring out. I was still able to play though, since the new patch data wasn’t required for anything. Yesterday I wasn’t able to play at all. I opened the launcher and it just kept saying it was trying to log in or something (I can’t remember exactly). Today I was able to log in and launch the game, but the patch won’t download all the way. There was only like 4 MB left, and it said it was downloading at 12 MB/s, but it wouldn’t budge. So I launched the game, took the boat to The Exodar, spoke to Velen, clicked the portal thing to go to the Vindicaar, goes to the loading screen, and just sits. Waited a few minutes, loading bar did not advance at all. Probably due to the patch not being fully installed.

Tried to uninstall and reinstall the game, but the launcher is stuck. So maybe it’s just an issue with the launcher. Gonna try fixing that first.


That’s kinda odd. I’ve never had issues playing wow.