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Games you have been playing as of late


I just beat DOOM after a good like 9 months on Ultra-Violence. RIP


Probably the best of the three SR games I’ve played. Glitchy and will CTD at times, but I’m not sure if that’s game issues, driver issues, or just playing an old(er) game on new(er) hardware. Amusing though, and sometimes it’s fun being OP in a game.


What’s the best Saints Row?


Downloaded Outlast and started playing through that in anticipation of Outlast 2.

All in all I’ve really been enjoying it.


The story of SR2 has a better story and setting than SR3 in my opinion, but SR3 is generally less buggy. SR4 I feel like the developers made it a little too over the top and made it worse.


Which one has the purple dildo bat?


That’d be Saints Row The Third.


I’ve been playing Payday 2 as of late with friends.


Brilliant Bob
Agent Awesome
Avencast: Rise of the Mage

… which are all games I think I got for free.

I also am playing quite a bit of Elder Scrolls Online but since I haven’t found anyone to group with due to me not liking how it is done on console I am not enjoying it as much as I want. Also even with upgrades to my bank and my backpack or whatever storage of items is making things less fun. I am tired of hearing my inventory is full or whatever.

Finally like I always fit in to my gaming schedule I have BIT.TRIP Runner to play. I love this game and while I love it I never expect to finish it in my lifetime. : )


Picked up The Surge today. Looks like its going to be a great game. Cant wait to try it tomorrow.


I just remembered getting Saints Row 2 for free on the GOG giveaway, as well as the the original Witcher, might play that again!


Been playing The Surge. If anyone likes dark souls combat, sci fi and exo suits then this game is for you.

It stupid hard at times though but the combat feels very fluid and satisfying.


For PC I played Sniper Ghost Warrior in the last 24 hours …

I played it using the Steam service for about 25 minutes and well I liked the way the game looked but as for the AI / gameplay at times they were either too smart or too dumb. There seemed to be no middle ground. This was me playing on easy and also completing the tutorial. I was told by someone somewhere that the game is really bad and so far an example of something really bad was that in the 1st mission I was in cover and prone and the three guys running down a path automatically saw me. I don’t understand how they did. I have tried multiple hiding places too.

As for other games I have played …

Xbox Game Pass had Dig Dug on it and I gave it a try and well let us just say that playing a game like this with a controller didn’t go so well for me. Now as for the Xbox Game Pass there is loads of games to choose from to play and if you want to try it out you can. There is a 14 day free trial.


On Sunday I tried to get my son to play Dead Rising 2: Case Zero & well because he has next to no patience he didn’t take enough time to get out on the streets & thus was frustrated with the game. All he did was snipe zombies from the roof. Anyway after he left & went back to his mom’s I continued to play the game as I told him I would save a game for him where he would be all set outside the compound to go & fight & while I did that I continued to play the game with my own save spot & I got two different endings but none of them good. I’m at the point now where I can’t find the last two parts I need to make the motorcycle go. I have tried new games repeatedly & no luck getting past this part. Still though as usual I’m having loads of fun with a zombie game. I continued to play it for 5 hours or so & only just quit because I had to do something else for crying out loud. Anyway a fun game for sure. By the way we both were playing it on Xbox One S (Xbox Live). I think it was a digital purchase for me at some point but I don’t remember when.

Also earlier in the evening we had some fun & some laughs at the New Jersey Devils expense and laughed about some other things too with the game …


I’ve been away from gameing for a while now. Only thing I play occasionally is Battlefield 1. As of yesterday though, I am trying to get into Eso: Morrowind. Really enjoying the new content so far. The Morrowind nostalgia is real.


dishonored World of Guns: Gun Disassembly sword with sauce postal 2 prototype 2 killing floor 2 the binding of isaac rebirth payday 2
got most of them on the weekend steam sale with birthday money.


Been doing some Horizon Zero Dawn lately. Working on the backlog.


Well since I last posted 20 days ago in this thread I have played all sorts of games …

Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)
Dig Dug (Xbox One)
Doom (PS4)
Dead Effect 2 (PC) … played the demo and loved it so I bought 2 copies from the Steam Summer Sale (Game has coop)

(I will update this list when I am not this tired. LOL!)


Just got Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Been playing a lot of that and CS Source.


that game is magical