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Games you have been playing as of late


Ya fallout 4 lost me after a while. Beautiful world with nothing to do. Unless you want to do boring faction quests all day long and build settlements. Main story started with potential then it went downhill and was only like 6 missions long.


I used to play a lot of fallout 4, 104 hour in fact, but my cpu is thermal throttling latly because of a year of being cooled with a stock cooler, I plan on getting a job this summer for pc parts and games, learn from my mistakes and always buy a third party cooler, but consider I do render quite a bit because I like video editing.


I never finished the game, after 104 hours I just killed a bunch of stuff, but that’s what I liked about it.


looks badass


PUBG - ungh


Should make a studio that just makes these games every other year to put on early access. Think I would make more than COD


Is this game any good? As a principle I pretty much never buy an early access game since Ive been burned before and rarely see one of them leave early access. Anyways…how does it compare to other games like this? Same shit different pile or is this one special?


I finally got back to video gaming after a ridiculous amount of time spent in the casino playing til 4 am for days. Yesterday I started playing BIT.TRIP Runner again and tonight and tomorrow I will be playing various other games. I am glad I got a grip finally on what is important and I wasn’t doing things with others that I at times do that are more healthy. Yeah I am up money at the blackjack table but who cares as if it dominates my life and that is all I am doing it is horrid. Anyway HaPpY Gaming 2 u all this weekend.


You sound like someone with to much money to know what to do with.


If you are talking about me I am dirt poor. As for not knowing what to do with my money I know exactly what needs to be done and playing at the casino too much recently isn’t good for me and I am not talking about hurting my wallet. Also finally I got to say if my attempts at making friends went better in recent years I might be doing other things other people do together. Anyway as for gaming today … nothing so far but I have cleaning out the RTS games from my hard drives as I will never play the things.


Started playing.


By coincidence, I just finished replaying F.E.A.R. and its two expansions (first on normal, then hard). Absolutely amazing game, I loved the plot and atmosphere. There’s also a recent post on RockPaperShotgun praising the AI and I wholeheartedly agree. Those damn clones felt so life-like it was sometimes unnerving.

I’m now playing Doom 3 for the first time (BFG Edition) and I keep trying to melee imps with the butt of my guns, but alas it doesn’t work…


warframe, it’s addicting playing as a space ninja.


Been playing D&D DragonShard again

as I say that… got dune 2000 running… goodbye sleep


persona 5 looks as if it may end up being my goty of 2017


mortal kombat x, got it on the g2a sale for $6.00


Just picked up Voodoo Vince HD off Steam. Typically I avoid most HD remasters but… I love the OG Xbox, and it’s awesome games that never got love, this being one of them.


i’m on dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin and Hyper light drifter. HLD is a lots of fun and it has a good difficulty level, especially for the bosses


I have taken some time out now to play some BIT.TRIP Runner.


I got a real pleasant surprise when deciding to put an hour into various Steam games I hadn’t played yet. I came across an RPG called Avencast. I am not sure how I got this game but I surely didn’t pay the $10.99 they are asking for it on Steam. Anyway the voice acting, the combat (once I got the camera setting I wanted right) and even the old style graphics are more than enough to make me want to play this again.

Also …

I played Alpages: The Five Books. Holy crap is that hard!