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Games you have been playing as of late


I do all my gaming on the PC so I was recently disappointed with Mafia 3 genuinely surprised with Shadow Warrior 2 and how it could have a lower cost offer more content the promise of future free dlc that they’ve been sticking to a game that was not locked to 30 fps and was all in all well optimized. I have also been going through Doom Arcade runs with that new update along with World of Warcraft Legion Witcher 3 Dark Souls 3 Rise of the Tomb raider GTA V Metro Last Light Crysis 3 Overwatch Unreal Tournament 2016 CS;GO Paragon going through Dishonored MGSV The Phantom Pain Borderlands the Pre-Sequel as well in preparation for Dishonored 2. Aside from that also looking forward to Desynch by adulty swim games Dawn of War 3 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wild Lands BF 1 as soon as it goes on sale Titanfall 2 when its on sale resident evil 7 Civ 6 when it hits sale pricing and all its DLC is released Other then those I have unfourntently lost my copy’s of dawn of war 2 and dlc along with dawn of was dlc’s and my company of heroes copies with dlc’s So after I get caught up on new games have to go back and re-place old games going to be getting them on GOG or Steam this time though.


Been playing a lot of ARK and miscreated. Hoping to get BF1 sometime soon.


I just got back into Skyrim with the Special Edition and enjoying it so far. I don’t any a lot of very impacting mods so it’s more of a vanilla game than what I’m used to.


Hyper light drifter, Banished, Battlefield bad company 2 , CSGO and heavily modded Skyrim.


Considered getting this, looks good, then I bought overwatch and, well… end of story.


Skyrim SE, Battlefeild 1, Civ VI and Rainbow 6 Seige. Looking to pick up Owlboy. Looks like a cool side scroller


Skyrim SE (35 Mods)


Arma 3, Witcher 3 and Battlefield 1


Shadowverse. Hearthstone-like TCG, but with less rng and F2P friendly, not so grindy.


Can’t. Stop. Playing. Battlefield 1.


This is pretty much the only game i have played in the past month or so…

Played it for like 10 min and then decided i needed to play it on a tablet with touch controls instead of mouse but never got around to it.

But I have been really wanting to revisit this old classic: (Blackthorne) http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/games/legacy/ (scroll down a bit) …and I really want to get into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Anyone played thru that one yet?


Me too. Except when I’m spawn killed multiple times in a row. Then it’s rage quite time.


The new Deus Ex is not as good as HR was. Generic plot poor optimization. Crash to desktop for some configs and other problems =(


Could you post a screenshot of your mods please? I would love to see them!


ahhh yeeee

Mod list


Last I checked you had to use the beta nexus mod launcher - still true?


technically that thing has always been in beta. But I’m using the latest version: 0.63.6

Some mods that arent in the list are ones that had to be done manually: like the one to re-enable achievements to a modded save. The Reverb mod I have disabled because I’ve swapped to a different one, here, which quote from the article:

This mod enables true 3D sound for Skyrim SE by using a so called HRTF to simulate binaural hearing using normal stereo headphones. You will hear exactly from which direction a sound is coming from.

And its freaking awesome. Adds a new level of immersion. While these mods were compatible with each other, I disabled the reverb because having them both didn’t sound as good as just the HRTF mod.

Still waiting on some good blood and gore mods to be ported though.


eesh. maybe i’ll skip it then. great narrative is a deal-breaker for me. thanks for the info!


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Elder Scrolls Online. I mostly play MMORPGS.


I’ve been playing Empyrion, GTA V, and Guild Wars 2 lately.