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Silent Hill wasn’t a bad movie version of a video game. That’s about the only one I can ever think of. I think a Bioshock movie would be cool, but I don’t think it could have the same impact with the big plot twists as a film as it does when you’re playing the game.

I’d have to go with Warcraft as the best adaptation so far. Duncan Jones did a great job directing it. The orcs, especially Durotan, had an engaging plot. It had the look, it had the feel, and it was pretty epic most of the way through. The biggest downside is a single movie can’t contain as much lore and worldbuilding that the Warcraft universe has, but oh well.

Silent Hill is a close runner up, as Christophe Gans knows atmosphere. Silent Hill: Revelation is bad. The scene between Sean Bean and Radha Mitchell is genuinely embarrassing to watch.

Was it just me, or did the audio level increase a few times during the video?

Anyways, I would say the best video game series for a movie would be Star Wars.

Oh wait…

To actually respond, I’m not sure any of the games I normally play would directly translate into being a good movie.

Like a Bethesda RPG, a la Fallout or Elder Scrolls, has a lot of lore they could use to make a great movie, but I feel like directly basing it off a specific game would miss out on a lot of the fine details. I almost feel like there’s almost too much lore and stuff to make into a movie or movie series.

A movie placed in the Fallout universe would be dope though.

Any of the shoot-em-up games probably wouldn’t translate well either because I don’t think a video dedicated to hyperviolence would go over well outside of a rather niche market. A Just Cause 2/3 movie would probably be pretty boring since it would literally just be an hour and a half of explosions and a guy in a squirrel suit.

GTA V might be able to work, would depend on how it’s planned out. Would probably have to cut a bunch of stuff out to minimize the setting switching so much since it could get confusing, but the general plotline would make for a fun watch.

Ooh, something based on the original Mass Effect series would probably make for a good TV series. Kinda in the vein of Star Trek/Stargate/Firefly being all space-y and stuff, but different.

Ooh, ooh, or Red Faction. Disregarding the pile of shit that was Armageddon, the Red Faction series would make for a great Sci-Fi series of movies. Evil corporation, worker uprising, low-key hero being a badass, action scenes. Really hits all the necessary cliches right there.

I’d see Red Faction. It reminds me of Red Rising in a lot of ways.

Red Rising Book

They are making a movie out of that already, so it should scratch that itch.

I’d love to see Another World done without much dialog at all… like Castaway.

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Despite really at best lackluster gameplay in both of the newer Thief games, the story in both were pretty good ( the latest Thief game in particular) so if they made a movie about it… It could be good.
Then again, may just be another one I.e. Assasins Creed …

Other than that there hasnt really been an outstanding movie based on a game I can think of lol, some good ones but not that many really good ones.

Warcraft … Americans are clueless. It was a very good movie.

Tomb Raider movies … If anyone can find fault with them please tell me what you did not like. I could watch them over and over and over again.

As for what should be made into a movie offhand I don’t know.


I would just be thinking of Total Recall the whole time lol

so like every 80s movie lol

Pretty much any Bioware game could make a (many) decent movie(s). But as with most RPGs, the entire universe and plot is way too centered on the main character, i.e. The One.

ArmA 3’s East Wind campaign, while not being extremely spectacular or theatrical, would make a refreshing war movie though. The actual plot is very much james-bondish, but the whole story is so high above the main character’s pay grade that you don’t actually get explicit exposition of the antagonists’ plan, or even get to know the whole point of the conflict. You’re just seeing it through a corporal’s eyes, piecing together what little details he’s occasionally unlucky enough to overhear.