Games from late 90's

Hey guys, I went on steam only to find old games I wish to play again from when I was a kid. Problem is people on internet seems to have issues with newer versions of Windows. I want to know if there is a trick to bypass this issue or we need to figure out how to set up each games in order to be playable?

I’m thinking about the commandos series and as well as Robin hood : The legend of sherwood.

Good old memories… That and Age of empires the conqueror online… :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the iso for Diablo 1996 this week because I wanted to play it on my pentium 4 and crt monitor. But after I got the iso I also had the idea to try it on windows 10…and it just worked. I was so surprised! No color glitch, no desktop res. problems when I quit the game to desktop. I don’t know what sorcery this is. I also added the beelzebub HD mod, and I can play diuablo 1 in 4k on windows 10.

I don’t know about the games you’re talking about tho.

Here is a screenshot of the game at 4k. It’s not playable this way but at 1080p it’s good.

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I recently had to move my office to a different room in the house (kids amirite?) and rediscovered my old WarCraft 2: BNE box/disk. Gave it an install on my Win10 machine, runs flawlessly.

I quite liked playing Age of Empires 2 in the late 90’s. I also remember a fantastic gem from Microsoft called Urban Assault. It was a great RTS game with added first person elements!


One of my fav games of all time. Came out in 99 if I remember.

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Give them a try. If they don’t work, search around for possible fixes. Worst case scenario, you might have to create a Windows XP VM or refund your purchase.

One thing you can do to search for fixes is to go on PC Gaming Wiki and search for the games in question. Chances are the site will give you links and tips for fixes.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight series from the '90s are always pretty great.


Fallout 1 & 2 of course!


heres a tip man i used to play fallout 2 on windows 7 and it was a proverbial flounder.

youll have to look it up because its been a minute but you can go in your settings and run the game on an older version of windows within your version so like that program is running in the old format i found out that’s what you can do to play a lot of games like that that are afraid of windows 10 n such

Both are on GOG

could use DosBox if you don’t want to buy it again… I guess

Blizzard has been updating that game for years, its crazy how long they support their games (hell you can get lost vikings and Blackthorne for free… think Rock and roll racing too)

GOG versions play on win 10

Go play this.