FULLturama = Full tower + Futurama theme

Hello everyone,

FULLturama is a project i’d build for mine brother, who love Futurama. Welcome to this madness journey!

It was build on the big Antec 1900, that unfornutely was not done to custom watercooling kits.

First wanna thanks all the companies involved in some way:

Next step is showing you the progress made on the 1 Phase of the project, install the watercooling system and show it at Lisbon Maker Faire 2015.

After I evolve to be able to put more that 2 photos per post I will put more development :smiley:


Nice build. But how is this a Futurama theme?

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Im newbie, im not allowed to post more that 2 photos, but you will umderstand on next updates.

Here it is at phase 1 (no theme yet) at September of last year.

So here is the main idea sketchs:

And some development, taking out almost 70 rivets, draw and sketch and them paint!

See you on the next update!


This makes a lot more sense now. Love it. Huge fan of the show

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This is awesome! We should all be striving to make our tech and future more like Futurama at all times!

Thanks. I think you will love what is coming as Theme, keep close :wink:

Thanks for the input guys, I will try update more photos today.

looks cool dude.


More detail about the paiting:

But mine brother thinked it was awesome to left the case outside raining for 2 weeks and when I get the adhesive tape off it was too late… Nothing like start again, repeat and do better! But at least I’d check the idea was spot on.

Next, 3D printing comes too!


This beats charleston chew any day.

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You had me google it, I have not a single clue what it was or what it is like to beat it haha

*also charleston chew



As last post show, it was demand to re-do paiting. New bet was on Montana Cans, which I falled in love whit. I painted some more parts too.

I began to create and 3D print parts. Thanks to BQ who by let us use them Hephestos 2 for some weeks to print parts:

Last sneak peek: paiting the 3D parts, add some color on them and little fitting bath!

What you thing?


That printer looks to print very nicely. I’m kinda jealous.

Anyways, the case is looking awesome. Futurama has never been my thing, but I can definitely appreciate the time and effort that is going into it!

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Thanks for the words :smiley:

Mainly with the ruin of the first paint it really taked all mine free time haha

Wow, great work :slight_smile:

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Lets paint the 3D parts, repaint the case and make the well know stripes from the logo of the series.

Next chapter, some assembly photos and the project at Maker Faire Lisbon 2016!


Here she is when arrived at our booth @ Lisbon Maker Faire 2016.

I think perfection is on the small details, like the theme parts and mods inside the case, what you think?

Next post, we close FULLturama madness!


Love this build so much!