Frequently Asked Questions (Crit TV Launch)

Hey all! We’ve all launched Crit TV and there have been a lot of reoccuring questions popping up, so here’s to hoping this answers it all for you:

  • What happened to Tek Syndicate?

Logan and Wendell wrote the following joint statement:

Due to creative differences regarding the future of Tek Syndicate, LLC, and all associated websites, forums and content, Logan and Wendell have decided to move forward in separate endeavors, with Logan continuing on as Tek Syndicate and Crit TV, and Wendell moving forward with his own projects.

In the heat of dispute, both Wendell and Logan made public statements about the other that were harmful and factually inaccurate. Both wish to officially retract all accusations of wrong doing and apologize to the other. In the light of day the business was doing what it always has, bringing entertainment to the community.

Logan and Wendell wish to move forward and ask the community to do the same. We look forward to bringing the community new and expanded content in our new directions.

  • Why the new name? Why not use Raze the World?

With a new name, we can have a new focus.

“Raze the World” was always disliked by vendors.

  • What does Crit TV stand for?

Crit means “critical hit” in the gaming world. Might mean a headshot in a FPS PC game, or double damage playing with a 20 sided die.

TV isn’t meant to be literal; we aren’t trying to become a “Television show” - it is just a way of saying we make videos. Many other online content creators and platforms put TV at the end of their names to emphasize this, ie, Twitch.TV.

  • What does Logan mean when talking about covering “culture” and more “fun” things on Crit TV? What does “less nerdy” mean? ‘I don’t want to see a bunch of vlogs!’ 'OMG SJW SHIT!?'

It is basically a way of saying we don’t just want to look at hardware, review it, and call it good for all our content. We don’t want to be sales people, we want to make content that is fun and relate-able. (That isn’t saying we won’t be doing ads though, to do this we need ads.)

What this means for you, the viewer, is that you’re not going to lose any coverage that we previously did. You’re still going to get content on new and upcoming gear, you’re just going now going to start seeing coverage on events (LAN parties, conventions, meetups), companies (factory tours, game studio tours), interviews (modders, developers, artists, engineers) and localization. Being a gamer or tech enthusiast isn’t as simple as covering hardware and software, so we’d like to expand and cover that.

This is going to take time to get adjusted - but we’re getting there.

  • Will we see WASD, Inbox.exe or The Tek return?

Some content is sticking around and will be a regularly uploaded - some other content is being played with and may be revived under a new name.

  • Who works there now?

There are four people being employed by Crit TV - Logan, Pistol, Justin and myself.

Justin is now our producer. He knows his shit on when it comes to our culture, gaming and more. He’s a pro DM and used to manage one of the biggest boardgaming stores in Oregon. You’ll be seeing more of Justin in things like the return of WASD. I believe Justin got involved when Tek Syndicate was trying to find more staff and posting fliers around Portland.

I am the project manager for Crit TV. Right now I do a lot of administrative duties, but in the future I will be handling mainly vendor and community relations. I have been involved before the rebrand - I had done two interviews with Qain and Logan.

  • Where’s Qain?

During the Tek Syndicate dispute, Qain left and is doing his own projects. You can find him here.

  • Where’s the old forum?

The old forum data was given to Wendell. You may find the forum here.

  • Where’s Wendell?

Read the joint statement above - then find him here: Twitter, YouTube, Web

  • Is the Zweihänder still in Development?

Very much so! We hope to launch a Kickstarter in March next year, stay tuned for updates.

  • Keep It Metal?

Logan is starting a side project focused toward metal music. Stay tuned to see how you can get involved.

  • Are you still going to use the “burning earth” logo?

The logo existed before Tek Syndicate and Crit TV. It will follow Logan and his projects.

  • What’s being done with the Tek Syndicate name?

Nothing at this point. We may have some obligations to fulfill under this name but after that, nothing is planned.

Whew. Now that I think most of the bases are covered, here’s where you can find Crit TV:

Follow the team here: