Found a Metal Band unlike anything else

I ran across this band two days ago and can not stop listening to them. It is sort of like Primal Tribe Metal Music its just an amazing mix of traditional folk style instruments, drums and even skeleton bones, and the vocals which are unbelievable.
Just wanted to share this with you guys looking for something new.

Band Name: Heilung
A Live Recording That is actually quality sound and visuals

Band Camp:

I’m not sure I’d call it metal, but this does tick the neofolk box that I like.

The lyric content of some of the songs is why I kinda classify it as metal and the heavy atmosphere The one that sticks out to me is Krigsgaldr. But definitely understand what you mean.

I guess it’s metal in spirit… really kinda tribal and pagan… and that is one hell of a stage show.

It put me in the mood for some Igorrr.