For all you metal heads out there

Lately I have found myself listening to death metal, taking a step back from hardcore and so far I really enjoy bands like insomnium and panopticon and that is about all I know of that genre so for all you metal heads out there I am looking for suggestions to progress down this musical path.

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I also like to listen to prodominately Melodic Death Metal
These bands are most similar to Insomnium

A sample of other things I listen to which still fall into the same genre

^In Flames ranges from Death (1994) to melodeath (1996-2000) to alternative metal (2001+) They’re also my favorite.

You should probably listen to Opeth too… they seem to be the most popular band in the extreme realm of music, this was taken from an album in the middle of their career (2005) if you want heavier go back if you want lighter go forward.

I consider Opeth song flow to be ‘bipolar’ goes from acoustic to the world is ending in half a second.

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Melodeath is always fun.

Omnium Gatherum

Countless Skies

EDIT: I forgot a couple.


Fractal Gates

Dark Tranquility

Wider spectrum of bands, although it’s not a crazy amount of variety gotta stay true to the widdly wah.

I consider these to be fairly unique, a couple are genre breaking but i’ll try my best to categorize them.
Violin infused Prog/Melodeath.:

oldschool sounding melodeath. kind of proggy too this is off their last album in 2000:

Samurai Metal

Folk Metal (this band is also classified as Melo-death)


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It’s like death metal, BUT FROM SPACE!


Back to the topic, Shylmagoghnar is a prog/black/melodeath band. Only one album from them, but it’s pretty good.

Persefone is also prog/melodeath, sorta.

Alright guys i looked into all the music you guys gave me to check out and maybe i am just picky who know but both of you managed to have one band from the list you provided That i was like OMFG where have you been all my life lol.
@SoulFallen yours was Ne Obliviscaris and @w.meri yours was Persefone…

I appreciate your guys help, with throwing that much music at me if you guys think of more let me know.

looks around

There are things missing here.

Children of Bodom - Transference

At The Gates - Slaughter of the Soul

Death - Scream Bloody Gore

Ex Deo - Rise of Hannibal

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Cold As Perfection (OP will like these guys if he liked Ne Obv)

Crimson Shadows - Heroes Among Us

Fallujah - Abandon

“Valley of The Damned” - Hypocrisy

Thanks everyone it took a day or so to get through all the suggestions.
So here is some stuff i listen to not really death metal but maybe you guys will like them.
because despite genre it is about music that inspires you <(-_-)<
And one of my personal Favorites:

Panopticon is more your general new school “Old school sounding” black metal with a hint of folk in there. similar to Burzum.

Here’s a few I enjoy

this is a new song with an album coming june 9th.

also if you have a good ear the intro is the Transilvanian Hunger intro kek

Death is my all time fave. This album is literally perfect.

I would also check out…


Wintersun is also epic.


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And, as Soulfallen said, Eluveitie is also technically melo-death. You gotta like the more folkish sounds though.

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