First PC in 5 years

So it’s that time again but so much has changed and so much is on the horizon. And when I had everything picked out and a theme in my mind now I have so many questions. So here’s where I need help. I want a VR capable, 4K ready at reasonable frame rates, gaming machine that can do light editing and streaming, so some content creation.
As it’s main function is gaming I figured a 6700k and single gtx 1080 would suffice but now that I’m looking it up it seems a single 1080 might not have quite enough juice to push those frame rates.
I’m really digging the NZXT s340 elite case and as a theme I wanted black on black on black. Was thinking asus maximimus viii with strix gpu and let the RGB determine the mood. (Probably white led look) with black cables and a kraken x62.

So my main questions are do I need a i7? Do I need a second GPU? How much memory do I need? Is standard SSD technology suffice or is the M.2 that much faster? What is M.2 exactly and does it share pci bandwidth? Basically I want a relatively future proof pc with killer specs and a good all black look. I’ll probably wait till next generation of cards and AMD specs and reviews hit the ground cause I’m no real hurry but my current pc is a little long in the tooth.

If you can afford all the best then go ahead and do it.

I can and I can’t. Lol. I’ll be eating and doing a lot less in the process but I’ve saved up for 3 months and have roughly 3k already. My thing is so much has changed and certain things like m.2 are a mystery to me. Obviously it’s the fastest thing out but I only seem to find a cursory explanation about it and am curious if it’s worth saving up for.

M.2 isn’t really a necessity. But for 3k you could easily do a i7 and a 1080 Gtx. Maybe for a monitor go 1440p over 4K just so your games run a bit smoother. Perhaps 144hz 1440p?