First D&D game with the roommates. Any tips?

So this Friday my roommates and I are going to start our first actual D&D campaign. There’s just going to be the three of us plus our DM. I’m super pumped. I already have my character figured out, he’s a fighter with a pirate background (I’ve been watching One Piece so I’m kind of on a pirate grind). Anyone have any tips for our first time? I’ll post how it went after we play too.

Have any of you played before?

Either way it may sound dumb but i find when people drink alcohol it helps alot with the game. Unless you have people who have played it alot, it can be hard for people to get into the imagination that really makes the game pop. So if you all have a few drinks it might help you all loosen up and get into that a bit more.

Just dont drink to much cause that just makes it dumb.

Also dont play at one time for to long. Fatigue takes people out of the game and it slowly snowballs from there.

This is actually helpful to a point. Limit the drinking to a “light buzz”. Otherwise things can get silly, off topic, etc.

Ambient background music or sounds can help:

There is another good one that I forgot…

Also, get some carrots or healthy snacks… and take a multivitamin for the brain.


I remember my first game of D&D being great. The best advice I can give from being a player and a DM is keep the first adventures short. The feeling of accomplishment is really important for the first few games. A two hour completion time is a good start; it lets everyone feel like they did something, and also makes them want to continue on.

Also, don’t try to do too much too fast. Everyone acclimates to D&D differently. I actually don’t like roleplaying if the group is brand new, because unless everyone is 100% on board with roleplaying their character, it feels clumsy and slows things down, which is the opposite of what you want starting out. Start out cracking jokes and doing dumb things within reason. The roleplaying aspect I find naturally builds up over time. :dragon_face:

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This is relevant to my interests…

So this is something I could talk at length about, and would love to do so. But I’ll spare you some of the rant, and give you few helpful points:


First, bring snacks but not anything that takes a lot of effort to eat (no ribs or anything). This is crucial, especially if you’re a player and not the DM. Players should always bring snacks for the DM and table as the DM put a lot of effort into making your next 2-4 hours enjoyable, say thank you with snacks.

Second, it’s really easy to get off topic, and it’s okay to sometimes. But try to limit it. While the DM should always try to keep everyone focused, they have an entire universe to deal with. Having one of the players be ready to say “hey guys, let’s focus” is immensely helpful.

Third, I don’t know if this is your first time or not but, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Chances are if you’re sitting at the table with new players, someone else might have the same question. Ask questions, try things, and listen, Don’t be a skill jerk. A skill jerk is a overenthusiastic player who wants to use every skill on their sheet every 5 seconds, and be involved in everything. Don’t do that, it’s obnoxious to everyone else.

The other guys were right about drinks, but the same goes for… other substances. Don’t get so high you can’t focus on shit.

Almost done: Avoid distractions. I know there are a lot of cool programs for character sheets and whatnot out there, but computers sometimes do a lot more damage than help. It’s pen and paper for a reason. Avoid having TV on, people looking at their phones when it’s not their turn, fucking around on a laptop/tablet, etc. These things remove you from the story and make it hard to focus on stuff. Avoid it, and go low tech you’ll have a better experience, I promise you that.

Finally- If you’re playing a fighter (this is assuming you’re playing 5th Ed since you mentioned your background), ask your DM if they’re doing the human variant that allows you to take a feat. I know it’s boring to play a human sometimes, but feats int 5th are amazing and hard to get. Human fighters are awesome machines in 5th ed. Shield Master (If you’re going sword and board) is excellent. Sentinel is also great for keeping people fighting you and not the rest of your party.

I can seriously talk about this stuff all day (it’s partially why Logan hired me in the first place), If you have more questions, lemme know I’ll try to help. Can’t wait to hear how your first session goes!

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