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I’ve been looking around at these sites promising great opportunities for freelance, but ended up trying to squeeze every little bit of information about me they could find about me so I didn’t like that I don’t want to take that route, so where can I go to find jobs in video editing freelance or an actual job, also the topic can become a big discussion about throwing ideas back and fourth about making money, thanks to anyone who replies, bye.

One could not do any better than taking courses or being very familiar with the Adobe editing-suite (video, and audio etc), trying to secure a job as a cameraman’s assistant could open-up opportunities, too.

I don’t know what the situation is in your country, but over here in Aussie-land there are film & television schools to enable newcomers to enter the industry.

(I don’t wish to sound condescending: but can you edit video or are at least familiar with the process?)

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Why don’t you submit a test-video to this page for appraisal, the subject could focus on your current computer or parts that you have purchased for an upcoming build.

*This was a video-promo I’d created for a Facebook group:


Work. Seriously if you are’t emailing and calling and all that build up a hefty portfolio. Friend of mine scored a few sweet coding contracts because he had a few apps and projects (unfinished but working) as example of his skill and worth. Take stock footage and edit it. Save it all up.


it doesn’t sound condesending, and I’ve only used and sony vegas and gimp and some other adobe applications in classes I’ve taken in school, but wish to try the adobe suite sometime.

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I’ve uploaded a few videos to youtube and twitter, mostly for mine and others entertainment, but I could upload more specifically for a portfolio.

Like @roamingsloth said, you need a portfolio. Most people in the film industry don’t give a shit about education, they care about the work you’ve done. Get work done, make a reel, share it around and send it in with your applications.

If you’re looking to build editing experience, I know a lot of people trying to get into the industry by editing for other content creators. If you know of a YouTube channel that’s relatively smaller that you follow, hit them up and see if they are looking for an editor. Some might share CPM, some might pay a flat fee, some might even be looking for a part time employee.

On top of that, network. Hate Facebook? That sucks, that’s what a lot of film makers use to talk amongst themselves to get info and help on sets, gear, gigs, editing, etc…

Also, for more experience and networking, I’d check out HITRECORD. I haven’t messed with it personally but sounds interesting for building experience. iirc Joseph Gordon-Levitt owns it.


Great to hear you possess a grounding in video-editing; the Adobe suite / Creative Cloud tends to be one of the industry’s standards.

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