Fenek Swift vs TS Standard Issue (my take)

So I pulled the trigger and bought a Fenek Swift for myself. Being a long time user of the TS Standard Issue I figured Logan and crew know a few things about hardware, so it was worth the $48 (from Amazon, sorry but the shipping on Epic Pants is way too high, and I know it’s out of TS’s hands, just a observation.) So a few thoughts on this, just purely from my first day or so of use.

  1. I don’t really like the color/CPI thing that they’ve got goin’ on out of the box. I get it, and they aren’t the first mouse to use that trick (like Blue is XXXX CPI, Red is XXXX CPI, you get the idea.) Thankfully it’s only for a moment then goes back to whatever color you’ve chosen.

  2. It’s a lot smaller in my hand than the Standard Issue. Now I don’t have monster hands or anything, but I prefer the chunkier size of the Standard Issue.

  3. The scroll wheel. It feels more “notchie” to me on the Standard Issue (and it should, since it has grooves in the wheel, vs the Swift’s smooth wheel with just a center groove for LED to shine through.)

  4. The presentation (when you open the box for the first time.) OK, this MIGHT be a nitpick but I think the Standard Issue was better packaged and had a bit more presentation to it. The box was sturdier and I like the slip off branding (although to be fair, the Swift has a slip cover too.) The Swifts box is smaller and folds out, so it’s more like a big envelope over a box with a lid you remove.

  5. The LED color choices on the Swift. Honestly, not bad, but I like Purple (so I am a bit biased here) but the purple on the Swift is almost too pink to me. It’s not a big deal. I have a RGB keyboard so I just chose to use red and put the mouse to red, and it matched up pretty well.

  6. The mouse buttons! The Standard Issue had a well documented amount of play in the left mouse click (see review here) and it doesn’t seem like it’s an issue on the swift, so kudo’s the Logan and team for listening to the feedback of the community and addressing this.

  7. Sniper button? Never used it on my Standard Issue, so I won’t be missing it here.

  8. CPI/DPI buttons. I personally like the up/down on the Standard Issue a lot better than having to cycle through using the single button on the Swift. Not that I change my settings often, but when I do I usually just go up or down a step, and so it takes a few extra seconds the click through the steps on the Swift. Not a deal breaker, but worth mentioning.

So to wrap it up, would I say it’s worth the $48 for it? Sure. It’s better than a lot of the mice I’ve used in the past, but not as good as my beloved Standard Issue. One thing I would like to see is a limited edition Swift with the burning earth logo, and along with that make it a non-rubberized coating. I had 2 Standard Issues and after a while the coating peeled off, so I broke out my spare. Take what you will from this, and thanks for reading.