Fenek Standard Issue Mouse Clicking Issue

Hey guys, just curious if this is just my mouse or if other people with the Fenek Standard Issue mouse have this problem too. Anyways the problem is that at times the mouse will not register a left click, so I will have to double click the mouse for it to register. Other times when I click the mouse it will register as a double-click. First I thought this was just Windows 10 acting up on me, but after trying it on a friend’s Mac and on my Linux machine I have found it does the same thing.

It is off and on with this issue, but it can get aggravating when playing some games and it occurs if anyone has had this issue and has a fix I would love to know! Also @Logan @ShakeHandsWithDanger anything you recommend?

First I’d try to get some compressed air between the plastic top and the switch, there might be some dirt or something that needs to be blown out. Maybe a toothpick or something similar and carefully try the same too.

I definitely would not suggest taking the mouse apart unless it’s a last resort, the screws are underneath the teflon pads and the pads do not like to stick again after they’ve been off once (ask me how I know :frowning:)

@w.meri I can say I tried that… sadly it didn’t work. It’s still doing the same thing. It’s sad because I really love this mouse, just not the issues I am having with it