Favourite Antagonist

So disregarding right assholes like nuclear Gandhi (he’s a royal dick), what’s everybody’s favourite antagonist and why? Any game, format, era, any whatever is up to you, it doesn’t even have to be something major.

I’m going to start off with one from a series I love by going with Jack from Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

So if one plays the games in the order they come out by playing BL2 before TPS, the first time the player comes across Jack is right after he tries to kill the character. Good foot to start off with, right? One quickly comes to the conclusion pretty much within the first 20 minutes of gameplay is that he’s an asshole, an asshole with character. Continuing on with the story and he continues being his narcissistic self when, suddenly, somebody near and dear to him is killed by the player, furthering Jack’s desire to kill them.

Flashback to TPS and Jack’s not that bad of a guy, he hasn’t killed anyone, and he really doesn’t care much for anything other than his space station. The majority of the story focuses on him trying to get the space station back from the antagonists in the game, even sympathizing with the civilians getting caught in the crossfire. He gets a bit more aggressive as the game goes on, but he’s relatively tame compared to his appearance in BL2. The twist comes when he is outright betrayed (and almost killed), by the same people he thought were helping him. This capitalizes in him going to the Vault, only to be maimed by a “hero”. Betrayed and scarred not because he was inherently evil nor because he killed a whole five people in the story, he was betrayed by the “heroes” simply because he was dangerous.

In short, Handsome Jack is a favourite antagonist of mine because he’s very human. He’s not some crazy evil genius that’s evil simply to make the game have an antagonist, rather he’s somebody that has lost those near and dear to him and has been betrayed by those he trusted. I know I haven’t had a giant space station stolen from me, nor have I been super betrayed, nor have I had a loved one die because it was “what needed to be done”, but I’d be pretty damn pissed off just like Jack if any of that did.

Darth Vader.

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In the movies Vader is a great antagonist (especially if you watch them Machete order), but in the expanded universe he has become an amazingly dark and complex character.

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