F*(k The Cheat Makers, Phony VPNs, & Scammers | The Crit Show 0018

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Scammers are everywhere. Cheaters are everywhere. We cover some of that, plus a lot more.

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Ubuntu 18.04 To Ship with GNOME Desktop, Not Unity - OMG! Ubuntu!
Phony VPN Services Are Cashing in on America's War on Privacy - Motherboard
Tenth Amendment Center Blog | To the Governor: Montana Passes Bill to Ban Warrantless Collection of Electronic Data
We Just Created an Artificial Synapse That Can Learn Autonomously
Bitcoin to Be Accepted at 260,000 Stores in Japan by This Summer - Bitcoin News
Mad Catz files for bankruptcy – Shoryuken
Blizzard wins 8.5 million in damages from cheat maker | PC Invasion
Dark Souls Series is Done for Now, According to Miyazaki | KeenGamer

Full message to the disgruntled/haters/etc.

We have heard your opinions. We hear them on every video. We understand that you feel the fun has made us less informative. We understand that it makes you cringe when we are silly. We re-branded and I believe many like the more light, less doomsday news tone of the channel. I never want to be everything to everyone. I want to make videos, make our video game, have some fun online, while still shining a light on the absurdities out there… I will keep calling people and big companies, but I am not going to be as serious as I used to be. I think we have enough elitists and curmudgeons online, so I’ll just do my thing. If you do not like the content you are free to leave or just watch the hardware content. Constantly venting in the comments makes it hard for new members. Nobody is forcing you to watch the shenanigans. TL/DR We have heard your opinions and have decided to keep exploring fun content. Feel free to move on. - Logan

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@Fouquin you look like you lost something right here lol.

Isn’t making a 2 minute rant on video and a wordy comment in the OP kinda show how much of an obsession it is to you? Doesn’t that also just feed the trolls, there by fostering more toxic comments?

Wouldn’t truly moving on and not being bothered be to ignoring it, or better yet make funny comments like @ShakeHandsWithDanger (thats Justin right? Sorry if not) that was light hearted?
Eh guess it was a theme as it was kinda weird how toxic the mood throughout the video.

I like the Doug part! Doug is a good skit. More Doug!

will be interesting to see the VPN, and how legal and how long Montana can keep that bill (and to be honest how would they enforce it? To me sounds like lip service by them)

I wonder

Personally I used a mad cat mmo mouse for a long time tell the thing was a broken mess 4 years later (cord got cut into), still the best feeling mouse I have used.I loved how over the top it was, and how many things I could map to it haha.
I am sad they are gone, but I was surprised they stayed for so long… Lot of the new stuff was just “who would use this? Its not even as good as its competitions.” And most companies are doing what they did (adding buttons galore over the topness) with better results

Seems like the show is going back to being on the shorter side, personally I like longer videos, buuuut I have to say I have found the content more… palatable?.. as they have been getting shorter and when its about things other than “people are mean on the net”

Loving this presentation-style Logan :smiley_cat:

I see my forum thread has made it to a crit episode, I declear this the war of the plants, attack!!!

Calling me out eh Logan? Anyway the plant bit, Doug (or whatever his name is), was a funny bit this week. As for Mad Catz I am trying to remember if I ever owned anything from them. If I did it was probably something I bought in a box of pc and console stuff for next to nothing hoping there was something good in it. In regards to Blizzard going after the cheaters and getting awarded $8 million that was absolutely awesome news. This world is a sad place to live in and while it is only a small thing cheating in video games is pathetic. The thing is though if people are cheating in video games what else are they cheating in? Adults using cheats/hacks that have children are definitely setting a bad example for their children for sure. Now in regards to Bitcoin I can’t believe it is going to be accepted in that many stores anywhere. Instead of more currency btw I hope there is no currency one day. Utopia! As for everything else eh Id say something more but I’d expect to be called out for it on the next episode. LOL!

I liked the Epic Pants part.

Mad Catz, It was like you were trying to design the lowest quality gaming peripherals. I can’t think of a single thing I have ever enjoyed from you… except for maybe watching my friends suffer from your products. You are the gaming equivalent of a joke that is trying to hard. If gaming companies were friends, you would be known as “that guy” in the group.