ESO Free Weekend

Hey everyone! Elder Scrolls Online is free for the next few days, anyone want to come play? Hop in the discord and let’s have some fun!

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Let downs were had

It’s pretty good for a mmo. It’s just not very good for a elder shcrolls game.

which is what I was going into expecting. Came out disappointed :confused:

I had some fun with it for a good while. Ultimately the grind wore me down as in all mmos

Some day, game designers will realise that grinding actually takes away from the immersion and role-playing, and therefore should not be a typical feature of RPGs, games that are supposed to focus on playing the role of a character.

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To me it seems like designers implement grinding to maximize game time for the content they have. Or in the case of freemium style games, to sell additional content. Like in many subscription based games they will have just enough beginning game content to rope people in, but once mid-game rolls around it starts to slow way down and grinding commences, like RIFT at least used to be. Likewise with freemium games, they will give you enough content in the free to play version, but that’s really only a percentage of the full game. Then the other 80% you have to pay for, a la Runescape.

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