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CRIT takes a look at Retro Game Trader, a gaming gold mine! They’ve got everything you’ve heard of and probably some stuff you never even know existed! Truly a destination for the discerning retro gamer. It also boasts a community center that’s open for everyone to come and revel in the love of gaming!

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epic indeed. i would totally buy a old school super nintendo there

This was a pretty nice vid. I wish something like that existed around here.

Hey I just wanted to say I really enjoy these kinds of videos. Love learning about these kind of places. I would like to find places like this close to me in Seattle.

Back in the 80s and 90s there were quite a few arcades in my home town here in Greece. Not anymore, though. It’s all bars and cafes now. I think the only chance we’ve got is VR. I’ve never care much for it, but after watching LGR’s virtual tour, my nostalgia hit (neon) red: