"Early Adopter" Apple fanboy mini-rant

I was on Reddit this morning when I saw a picture of a MacBook Pro with a black screen and a glitched out touch bar, or whatever it was called.

Decided to read the comments, people saying it was a known GPU issue, Apple was going to address soon, you can fix it by opening and closing the laptop everytime, etc…

But then I saw a comment that said “That’s the price of being an early adopter. Issues like this is to be expected.

Normally I’d agree, being maybe something on Kickstarter or a small company - but it is not like Apple doesn’t have the money and this has been in development for quite some time. And when you’re buying a laptop for atleast $2-3K, you better get the damn best laptop you can for the money.

This Apple fanboy-ism is ridiculous at times, and to say that something like this should be expected is exactly what is wrong with some of these guys. As a consumer, you should be pissed. Even if you were truly an “early adopter” (even though this touchbar concept is not new by any means, I’ll remind you). Their fueled elitism makes them ignorant.


That should have never made it out of Apple’s testing without being fixed or addressed. Apple seems to get a lot more passes on engineering/design faux paus than a lot of other companies; only because it’s Apple. I really feel like the new MBP’s are really missing the ‘pro’ aspect and are aimed directly at ‘casuals’ and the coffee shop crowd.


Apple treating their customers with contempt springs to mind.

I love old Apple. Hell, I have an original Macintosh as a set piece on my desk. Regardless of anyone’s opinion, it’s more than obvious that after Jobs passed a lot of things are starting to spiral down for the company.