E5 2695 v3 ES QFGH Any Good

In short I got a super cheap X99 board when my shop was closing up. I currently have a 2500k and was planning on moving up to Ryzen, but the X99 board for $100 made it hard to beat. I do about 60% productivity and 40% gaming; which is why a Xeon ES is tempting to me. I found the E5 2695 v3 ES QFGH for $260 USD on Ebay. I can wait for the shipping from Hong Kong as I have a working computer right now. I know that most people say to avoid the Q(E) revisions like the plague, what about the (F) revisions? I know (G) revisions are ideal but they cost quite a bit more. Those 28 threads sound incredibly tempting to me, coming from a quad core that weeps whenever I start a Blender render lol. Thanks for any advice in advance!

to give an idea of the performance of ryzen vs those ES chips- I had the 2683 V3 for a while and it got this in CB.

And my 1800X at 4 ghz does this:

(1724 in CB)

So the 8core ryzen is a TON better at gaming and will likely be as good/better than the 14core in productivity because my 14core ES was beat by the 1800X by quite a bit. The only reason i would recommend an ES Xeon is if you plan on doing a lot of virtualization.

Damn. Yeah at that point I’d rather pay the extra few bucks for a 1700 and get waaaaaaay higher single core/gaming perf. I don’t need virtualization whatsoever. I may end up reselling that board and waiting for coffeelake. Maybe we’ll finally see some 6 core consumer Intel stuff.