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Duplicate screen with two different resolution


Hi, I have an msi 7790 video card, I’m on windows 8 and I want to Duplicate what is on my 720p monitor to my 1080p tv, but everytime I try do it the resollution of my tv’s becomes 720p, which is very annoying because there is some kind of scanning line that is goes from top to bottom over and over.
When I choose to Extend the desktop every thing looks good but the problem is that my tv is far from my pc which makes it inconvenient. Is there a way to do it?


I’m not sure if the 7790 supports VSR but if it does you could make your desktop run 1080p. That would be the simplest solution.


Yes, that’s to be expected when you duplicate.

Down-scaled 1080p. Not actual 1080p.

OP, You could try making the tv your primary display? That might help.

If it doesn’t, then the simplest solution is to just get a 1080p monitor.


^that’s what that means[quote=“Dynamic_Gravity, post:3, topic:1855”]
OP, You could try making the tv your primary display?

That should work but if he were to turn off the TV and just use the monitor the PC may freak out.


Meant no disrespect, just meant to explicitly state the outcome of VSR in case OP didn’t know.